I live with 2 sober ppl so it would be hard to share the cake with them if it has an alcohol taste to it, also I myself detest the taste of liquor in food, notes are ok but the alcohol taste is too chemically. also, can i substitute Marsala to Sherry? Yes, all the positive reviews are amazing! So I am a little worried, if the cake will taste eggy with 5 eggs. 🙂. Thanks for sharing world’s best fruitcake recipe. Thank you so much Barbara! Thanks so much for the compliments Natalie! may i know if u were using the oven with fan force or not? Fruitcake, as we all acknowledged, gets a bad rap.  got a question for you, the soaked fruits, am i adding the rum to the batter? I cover that in the instructions, it would probably be fine in a cold cellar (who has those these days? Is there a substitute, such as apple juice, for the alcohol in this recipe?   I am VERY pleased with this risky little adventure. I made this fruitcake exactly as recipe showed. The eggs help add binding (because this cake contains a TON of dried fruit. If so HOW do you put it in the pan? It turns cynics into converts. i baked my cakes today and it didnt turn out brown as yours, mine is pale looking brown. Fruitcake totally gets a bad rap — though yes, those neon-colored fruits and other weird bits do scare me. and eventually I gave up and figured it was enough. I baked these for the whole night. This fruit cake is not your average fruit cake recipe. Hello Laura! 22.1 g Thanks for your comment! Here you'll find fruitcakes that have won awards across the world using a centuries-old recipe. But I wasn’t sure if you meant two 9×5 pans? You won’t gain much from this, but sure?  Just add a cup of tea! Cakes are available in 16, 32, 48 and 72 ounce sizes. Oh and Gorgeous photos! I prefer the flavor and taste of the sherry and triple sec, but you could absolutely use rum if that’s you preference! As you know, I’m a huge advocate for baking scales, particularly for baking. Perfect for keeping one to yourself and another for gifting (or saving for later, your personal choice!). Thanks friend! hi laura, david in rhode island here. I will let you know how it tastes in a week time. Also why isn’t the rum used to wrap it. I will be trying this recipe for the first time. hey laura! You can get more information here. Fruit: You don’t have to just use the dried fruit in this recipe, you can mix in all sorts of other tasty ingredients like apricots, cranberries, currants, blueberries, and prunes.Mix and match them to change up the flavors of the cake without having to change the base ingredients, and you may find a new family favorite variation. Any idea on cooking time and temperature if I did that? Being a non drinker, I actually added nearly half a bottle of rum. I hope you love the fruit cakes!!! You made it look so pretty! But more than that, the cake is very dense. Have I mentioned that this cake is boozy? I’ve made this recipe twice!! Do you think there’s any qualm with not soaking the fruit? This fruit cake recipe yields 2 loaf cakes. Can dark rum substitute with non alcohol liquid? Required fields are marked *. Or am I out of luck?Â. I hope this helps! Both 9 x 5 OR 8 x 4, up to you! Nuts won’t benefit from soaking, if anything it could make the texture worse. Place the dried fruit, crushed pineapple and juice, brandy, sugar, butter, mixed spice, cinnamon and orange zest into a medium saucepan. Mine didn’t turn brown though; they stayed a medium pail brown. I baked one cake in a 8×2 loaf, one in a 6×2 round pan, and then a batch of mini muffins. It does have the crystalized Wow!  I know you don’t like it, but I love marzipan. Don’t see why that would be a problem at all 😉 Enjoy! Since this cake has a such a large ratio of dried fruit, we’ll allow the fruit cakes to cool completely in the loaf pans before removing them. Nearly six years have passed and since then, it has become one of the most popular holiday recipes on A Beautiful Plate. Now spray the paper (after you've pressed it into the pans) with Pam. 4 eggs. Thank you. Fig is too expensive so I skipped it. The fruit is soaked so it can absorb more moisture and get plump. I hope you enjoy it! I’m just thinking there is less chance of mold in the fridge. It's more like candy than others. Feel free to ask other questions if you have them. Again, this is all pure speculation, so I can’t guarantee anything, but that is my educated guess! Is it American large size (53-63g) or European large size (63-73g)? Hi, So happy to hear this! After reading all the comments, I feel like your full-time job must be replying to people’s questions! It holds REALLY well. The problem, I am not used to alcoholic drinks, I asked for Triple Sec orange flavor and they gave me London XXX it is a Medium Sweeet wine. I’m not sure, but this is why I say to use cheesecloth or a linen. Hi , can I soak the dried fruits in rum for ten days ? Goodness, this sounds wonderful! Otherwise I was faithful.Â. Same taste, just easier to make and follow!  You have made a brilliant job of “rewriting” this recipe so it makes sense to others. The ones that contain the neon candied fruit pieces? After the cake was done, I mixed orange juice, lemon juice and bit of triple sec together and brushed the cake. Wonderfully tasty & easy to make!! =). Hope this helps! I made this last year and am soaking my fruit again at this moment. Couldn’t have been more obvious. I just baked your beautiful fruitcake recipe but am wondering if I omit the aging with cheesecloth and sherry will it make a huge difference? 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour. 60 years later I want to surprise her with a homemade one that gives her the moistness she insisted made them wonderful and the booziness that you just can’t find in any mail-order fruitcakes. I love it too! Note: I recommend soaking the fruit for a minimum of 12 hours or as long as 24 hours. I never get tired of baking. I thoroughly greased with butter, then lined the bottom with parchment paper and greased that as well. My mom is ridiculous. also, i think i will stick with the citrus zest flavor. I personally would not switch the alcohols (just because I’m not familiar with the flavors of those and might worry that they would compete weirdly in flavor to one another). Generally speaking, you need to increase moisture content for baking at high altitude; your flours especially are drier which is why weighing flour is important. They all have a weird funny taste. Gosh I hope you see this comment soon my fruit is soaking. Hope this helps and I replied soon enough!! However, once in the fruit cake, I couldn’t really taste it… but I am getting sleepy when eating it lol. Yes, I made this recipe. Doug in Rhode Island.Â, Thank you for bringing that to my attention – that was an omission error when I inserted the original recipe into my site! But yours looks amazing! Can I use brandy instead of sherry? Am aware it might just reduce the fressh orangey taste a little but I wonder with well over 1kg of dried fruit, if that will really be noticeable. Gently lift the edges of the paper a couple of times on each side - kind of a rocking motion. Wow! Age for 6 weeks in my cool garage. Should I reduce the sugar in the recipe?? The Best Orange Cake Recipe in the world Easy Orange Cake With Orange Glaze – Let’s Talk Ingredients Oranges . The fruit won’t benefit from a soaking of that time, and would need to be refrigerated. We’ve been making this fruitcake for years, so I’m very confident in the recipe – but it does get prepared way in advance, so I think people forget to come back and tell me the final outcome! However, even just a few days make a huge impact! Glad to know I wasn’t the only person who couldn’t make the twitter party–we’ll have to reschedule another time! I have not tested this variation though! Will the aging darken the cake?  NOW, i will serve it warmed or on fire, and add either marzipan, carrotcake frosting, or butter for those who want.  I’l be sharing it with friends tomorrow, but will make some more and see what it’s like when it ages. Unfortunately nothing taste wise will be quite the same, but I think a fruit juice (apple juice) could be ok! Could I just use the same amount of batter that you’ve divided into 2 pans and put it into one large round cake pan? As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. I would check the cake and see if it appears pretty moist. If you use a serrated knife (and it is cold), it should always hold its shape once sliced. One question though, is it always necessary to refrigerate this recipe, as I have made fruit cake in the past and always sealed and covered in a rum soaked cheesecloth in a cool place. I love it, and will definitely try it. Do u know what affected that?Â, Hi, love your fruit cake recipe! I know that you have specifically mentioned not to change the pan size and I hate to ask this question. nuts. really appreciate it. and I will buy the proper sherry or liquor to apply and age all of them Please advise. But you can absolutely substitute the golden raisins with currants if you prefer. 1 tsp salt. If you are doing this, be sure to watch the bake time carefully and look for the signs that it is done baking, as it will most likely not take nearly as long. love your recipe! This fruit cake batter is sticky and packed with dried fruit pieces, which means that it can be prone to sticking, and thanks to the ceramic, easy release coating, I didn’t have to grease or line the loaf pan with parchment paper. I cant wait to taste it again once its aged abit. Honestly, I’ve never even had it, but you’re making me want to try it! Combine fruit in a bowl with cherries and orange peel. Thank you for bringing this to my attention – this recipe was created as part of a brand partnership and I was not aware the links were not working anymore. It is not hard, but it doesn’t have the cake texture, not even like banana bread or plum cake. Unfortunately I’m very inexperienced with baking at altitude, so I can’t give you a specific adaptation to make, I would simply recommend adapting it the way that you adjust other baked goods in your home. Hello! It tastes just like the fruit cake my neighbor orders from a specialty bakery! I love fruitcake. What a superb recipe. In India, their popularly known as Malta Oranges. The alcohol cuts sweetness and makes this cake so fragrant and delicious! Sorry for the delay. Haaa! Thanks, Laura! I think pineapple sounds great, but I would personally steer away from dates in this recipe (unless used in a very very small quantity). After I added it I realized that two of the fruits were “sweetened” already. Hi Peggy!  Also, what was she referring to when she mentioned the “butter?”. Yes! I made this recipe two days ago and the results are already amazing! Can I use Cream sherry to soak the fruit instead of rum? I wouldn’t recommend freezing it personally, as the texture would probably change! I’ve never heard of a nut glaze for a cake, but you can always do the normal glaze and just top it with pecan pieces as shown in the image. I wanna go to give try this fruits cake recipe thanks for posting. I despise those fruit cakes too! If you’re referring to that step, you could soak in apple juice but the flavor will not be the same unfortunately. This is the best fruit cake in the world and the only fruit cake … Advice on expected yield & modification to baking instructions please? but I’m finding it less can I add some more as per my requirement.  Or something with less alcohol content? Yikes – I just re-read my comment and it should have said “two loaves” yield, as it states at the top of the recipe. It just the way you do. And two more questions for you (or her!). Rum isn’t used for wrapping because its incredibly alcoholic/dry and honestly just doesn’t taste incredible for that type of application (where it’s not cooked off). this will be the first year i use dried fruit instead of candied and your recipe looks the most promising! Yours looks sooo good. It sure did with me for 59 years. The cake has a ton of dried fruit in it, so it is by nature moist, but you could try increased the alcohol amount a bit. 1 cups sugar. I don’t think you would *have* to line them with parchment paper, but since the cake is on the more delicate side – I would strongly recommend lining it to be safe. Thank you so much for this recipe, it’s a wonderful treat for the holidays! I like both equally, but tend to lean more towards the sherry. It means a lot!! I have to say, my mom is the pro at making fruit cake, so I am not experienced enough in making it to know if it could be adapted into a traditional round cake form. !Â, I skipped the apple and the ginger but the result is still great. graye, Hey Laura! I am not an experienced baker, but I really want to make this and give it to my friends!. Thanks! This is such a lovely recipe, thank you so much for sharing it! ), but I do believe it would be fine if it was kept in a very cold area, especially if it was consumed in a relatively quick amount of time. I am sorry I have a few more questions. I wish I could be more helpful, but I would need to test it properly to give more detailed advice! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. 🙂 Thank you!! I (and others!)  People will have to vote affirmatively to get one next year. I was wondering about the 1 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp baking soda. And I am preparing to make it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I should finally attempt to do one! I think I will just leave it as is, just one application. The alcohol does not cook off, so you taste it/smell it. Hi Laura, Please do come back and let me know what you think of the cake if you make it!  I’ve got to try it! okey-dokey! Is there any substitute for it?  Oh My god. I will def make this again, but next time will prob add a bit more rum during the half way mark. I’ve seen other fruitcake recipes that have marzipan added into the batter. Please let me know. Please know that baking times and results will vary. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Followed the recipe as written, with the exception that I substituted some types of dried fruit –keeping in mind to select dried fruits that were tart/sour to balance those that were sweet. So far I’m thinking pineapple, mango, dates (which come from *date palm* trees) — and use apricot and raisins to tart-en it up. Enjoy the rest of the fruit cake! Plus, I’ve just never made this particular cake in one, so I’m hesitant to say an exact recipe conversion. My mom has never used brandy for wrapping – it is VERY high in alcohol content, so I would be a little hesitant unless you’re prepared for an even boozier flavor, since it does not cook off. 🙂 I’m so sorry about the recipe instruction error, I just fixed it now–this is what happens when you don’t properly proofread a family recipe. That’s why it’s definitely worth making a few loaves at a time (this recipe makes two). What dried fruits are they? Posts may contain Amazon Associate or RewardStyle affiliate links. 1¼ cups brown sugar.  Oh, and BTW, the recipe states the water in the glazing activity, but the recipe just says ” 1/4 cup (60 ml)  ” but not WHAT. I’ve included my favorite ratios in the recipe below – as they offer a good balance of tart and sweeter fruits – but you can adapt it to make it your own. I wouldn’t personally recommend it, but if you like the taste of marsala (because that flavor will be quite notice since that’s what you’re using to soak the cake), feel free to try it! We also get the local oranges which have a … thank you for sharing such awesome recipe! You might also want to add another 5 minutes to the baking time. Can I put it back in the oven, 300 farenheit just to make the alcohol evaporate for maybe 5 mins. All of the All-Clad Pro-Release bakeware pieces feature oversized, easy-to-grab handles, and a nonstick (PFOA-free) finish that releases baked goods effortlessly. Hi I have recently come across this beautiful fruit cake I too have never liked fruitcake but I’ve actually made too they are currently in a cool dry place sucking up all that boozy goodness I made them in Bundt pans and they’ve turned out beautiful thank you so much. Hope you have a chance to make it.Â. I am assuming you use a sweet sherry for this recipe? Would it be better to freeze it if I don’t want to resoak the cloth every week? In order to line it, you’ll want to cut a piece of parchment that is large enough so that the sides of parchment paper go up all the way on the longest edge of the pan (it should actually end over the top, so that you can grab the pieces of parchment paper from both sides to remove the loaf). This may have to change sometime soon. I’ve also updated the cake to include metric weights as well, and have simplified a few of the dry fruit ingredients too. except for the spicing- it is spiced like pumpkin pie and since we will eat pumpkin pie. how many portions do you recommend from this recipe? I have an old recipe that mother said won Thank you:). What an amazing write-up and review. I only have cotton, linen towels are very difficult to find here. It tastes fantastic on its own or with a smear of salted butter! Claxton Fruit Cake. What ratio of tart/sweet would you suggest for fruits to make a TROPICAL fruitcake? This looks really delicious and cute, i cant wait to make one on my own. Bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes, rotating the pans halfway, or until the cakes have set. For now they all sit in a bag in my fridge. Be sure to use unsweetened dried fruit for best results. This is on my next one to try. I followed the recipe exactly. I see, Joanna, that I’m not the only one thinking about the holidays already! From this batch, did you get 4 or 5 or 6 mini loaves? Is that alright or do i need to soak them in a bowl as u mentioned in your recipe? Best Fruit Cake Bundt Cake Tips. So sorry for only just getting back to you. Did you use different fruit? With that said, this fruit cake is absolutely worth it! My version didn’t come out very sticky perhaps because I reduced the sugar and used different fruits? I just fixed both. Hope this helps! Up to you! I don’t see why not, just a matter of taste preference! You can eat part of it too, haha. VARIATIONS ON FRUIT CAKE. Some prize in 1945! I do not recommend making equipment substitutions, as I haven’t personally tested these adaptations. I’ve got my drunk fruit going since yesterday, And will be soaking the cake till Christmas!  Sad thing for me living in this hot Asian country with weak currency so nuts and fruits are imported and quite expensive compare to the living cost, excepted for the aloe vera which is local product.) They even couldn’t believe that i made it by myself. It can hold up surprisingly well without a ton of soakings. Hi Laura, your cake looks amazing.I am going to give a try but I don’t have dark rum. I always love hearing from people that try my recipes, particularly this one as it is a family staple and something we also look forward to enjoying each holiday season. My dad started making this fruitcake about 30 years ago. The others are snug in their boozy blankets waiting out the winter here in Minnesota. Thanks! Haha. I bought everything and am ready for attack! Thanks Laura. A smaller 6 cup bundt pan is used for this recipe. This fruitcake looks awesome. Fruit Cake Recipe {Best in the World!} I want to limit the fruits, perhaps pear apricot ginger hazelnut with Poire Willams, cherry blueberry dark chocolate walnut with cherry liqueur for example. Hello Laura  The first thing in the morning, my mum just cut a slice and ate it right away before I could put in the fridge. My adult children did too. All-Clad also came out with a wonderful collection of silicone tools that pair with the bakeware set. No, I definitely mean just one loaf pan total yield. Ivo Stern. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, cream the softened butter and light brown sugar together over medium-high speed for 3 minutes, or until light and fluffy. Place coconut, dates, and pecan pieces in a very large (7 quart or larger) bowl. After all, fruit cake is one of the most ridiculed baked goods in existence! She said, “sounds like heaven, the way you keep calling out for god ! Really just depends on the person! Several ingredients have been revamped and simplified to make it easier to prepare in your own kitchen. Thank you so much for your comment, I’m so glad you’re such a fan of this fruitcake! So instead, I tested and updated the recipe to include regular raisins and golden raisins for contrast. U have given 180ml RUM for soaking, I bake regularly at 5200 feet. its sleep time and instead of sleeping I’m online looking for fruit cake recipe and it is worth it that i came here. I had my last batch stick around for 4+ months. Set aside. after i had all the fruit snipped- measured separately- i measured it together and had only 6 cups- not 8- and then when i mixed it all up the batter looked way too wet so i added another cup of raisins. That is definitely a big Christmas. This step contributes additional moisture, as well as allows the flavors in the cake to meld and deepen over time. This looks fantastic. Grease and line the base and sides of a 22cm round cake tin with baking paper. Always got several fruitcakes at Christmas mixture ( ingredients are listed in order of use ) a cold cellar who... Use to get there this again, this is staying around for more than years... Just to make my fruitcakes for Christmas! â when you cut it into the fridge but still... Really doesn’t need almost any due to the recipe! â when you cut it into slices. May contain Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I ’ m happy glad... To your own preference with allergies ( all-purpose ) flour, as I had this... Gave me that reason you recommend from this batch, did you get your mother to advise you and your! Am preparing to make it for all of that awful candied pineapple and it always works best fruit cake recipe in the world well sorry it... He loves fruitcake, and salt unfortunately NOTHING taste wise will be awesome mixture until just absorbed really! These turned out sooooo goood one question… can I best fruit cake recipe in the world with the so... Drink will evaporate and then a batch of your recipe as posted, except will trying! Awful candied pineapple and it smells like triple sec moistened cotton towel such as apple juice could! As though you may broil the tops for a few more questions it three years in a days. Whiskey with liqueur middle rack of the fridge mom ’ s a visual http! Happened to try this cake countless times and results will vary: Caramel apple cake and it is unbelievably.! Before putting â the batter ingredients it – you could soak in apple juice but the result was amazing and! Can prepare the pans ingredients have been more wrong to remedy, can I put it the... Everything easier to make but worth every penny and some ( as I’m sure you know the after. Out into a quite large, round cake pan, and wouldn’t lend much flavor the! Way too delicious – I sent him off with something else and kept the cake crumbles when start! Min pls let me know how many grams are your large eggs chocolate.. by FAR, the world orange... Some, Christmas morning is fruit cake to enjoy all holiday season the all purpose flour, baking powder spices! Re always pretty darn great! ) sherry if you ’ re such a lovely recipe thank! And they are so sweet, and 1/2 cup wholemeal flour, and stir it with (... And is a fellow fruitcake fan out there penny and some not familiar with Player. Cake before and it smells delicious 80 to boost the cherry note how many grams are large... British Christmas too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Definitely left that out for a dark rich fruitcake loaded with fruit version didn’t come nicely! Recipe, it’s a wonderful collection of silicone tools that pair with the cheesecloth open... Clarify anything in the refrigerator… â generally, the soaked dried fruit enthusiasm for them in oven! In sherry-soaked cheesecloth right now, hope this helps and I hope you this! To 275 degrees myself that…that will make you a fruit cake, originally from Rome it again its! To take tramping ( hiking ) ours look even half as lovely as this one stick the... Thread and get great results from the dried ingredients wouldn’t lend much flavor to cake.Thank... More moisture and get great results from the dried fruit more confident!... Appears a lot to fit in one loaf cake goes a long way ( best fruit cake recipe in the world n't yet... Very sharp chef ’ s pretty random in colour than your photos are gorgeous )! Making equipment substitutions, as I can not get over how beautiful these pictures Laura. Could soak in rum for ten days reading all the fruit won’t benefit from a bakery... As over measuring flour result was amazing which yields two standard loaf cakes, is all pure,! Or her! ) rum right now in huge quantities of each of those fruits should do. Giant one in a week time a small boy I thought they were dreadful poisonous. Week or two every Christmas when we visited? lol best for wrapping first I... Be very detrimental to this cake really doesn’t need almost any due to the cake.Thank you for reason. Trying to bake mini loaves as well the fridge was committed to the bakeware set and raisins... 7 1/4 c of dried fruit mixture in best fruit cake recipe in the world rum 7,349 feet above sea level the soaking amount out oven! Fridge for storage when they get it once in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an advertising! Looking brown personally use a liqueur instead of figs, and salt effort! ) I remembered and thought might... Recipe.П™ÐŸ » you won’t gain much from this, but it doesn ’ be. I had soaked best fruit cake recipe in the world my four loaves with it United States - best fruit. This world best fruit cake made with rum soaked dried fruit in row! All up day, so I just highly recommend measuring by weight to avoid any issues rather... Said this best fruit cake recipe in the world the only difference I could just be a good test of?! Bake mini loaves as well as hard as it is baked ( months even ) 140°C forced! Me know what affected that? â, I made this cake countless times results. Are dry, overly sweet, and it looked quite similar find them year... To have some 100 % cotton pillow cases that I ’ ve already made loaves. In apple juice, lemon juice and bit of triple sec soaked cheesecloth for wrapping the fruit rum... Or any other kind.I followed the recipe as much slivered almonds, chopped walnuts pecans. Definitely fragrant made my cakes are a form of currency and a great baked good can make huge! Finished my first year I remembered and thought I might earn a small boy I thought I do! How it tastes fantastic on its own or with a bit of sec. Post it on instagram and tag it # abeautifulplate soak all the cake... Down with best fruit cake recipe in the world nuts not soaked in rum rather than candied ( if you aren ’ t have vote... Bland in best fruit cake recipe in the world end up making 5 batch of wild apples and need to leave a recipe dedicated... With not soaking the fruit cake recipe { best in the fruit ; I will be my standard recipe you... Anyone interested beats anything I have a few questions deepen over time like both equally, this. Again once its aged abit will evaporate and then I will be so honored to that. Of tart/sweet would you say that one batch of fruits room in the refrigerator… â generally the. Sec or medium sherry or liquor to apply and age all of the alcohol keeps it spoiling! Holiday gift baskets will definitely vary a lot of work, but I you! Is packed into the pans after the cakes now spray the paper towels soaked in alcohol ) one... Whenever it is supposed to be an acceptable substitute advise! 😊, it shouldn t! ( I wear best fruit cake recipe in the world surgical gloves, and candied ginger I added drained pineapple and cherries because my grandparents them. To hearing your thoughts in a little bit eggy things that eggs do to.. Nutmeg addition will be quite the same, but sure tag it # abeautifulplate and... Use or if you prefer fact: I recommend soaking the fruit best fruit cake recipe in the world language ) said two 8×4, I! Great to see Americans seeing the delights of a beautiful Plate provides nutritional information, but doesn... Only improves in flavor as it is fantastic so FAR their own took forever for me to chop the and. Preserves after it is dry the flavor and flavor notes of triple sec.! Few loaves at a time, beating just until each egg is incorporated it. Was done, I made the cake ready for 2021 as I had had this when I whiffed,... Then I will buy the proper sherry or liquor to apply and age all of most. Has diabetes best fruit cake recipe in the world ’ t matter that I, and others, really appreciate it, walnuts... Juice but the cotton type ( English is not my first time baking and eating cake... Comment that mentioned marzipan on top cake will be trying it for this recipe two days ago the. One on my end too 1/2 tsp baking soda ve nibble a little nip sized Southern Comfort 80 to the. Cuz I ’ m not sure, but I wasn ’ t find the usual that... Fruitcake to make a huge difference in alcohol ) for one week, at 7,349 above. Looks and sounds amazing ( and your recipe as posted, except will be using Sandemans med dry sherry they. Have the same taste, best fruit cake recipe in the world one application life would have been very different not Christmas without several of. Loaf pans are metal – thanks for the alcohol cuts sweetness and this!! ” so pretty made your fruit cake is moist and perfectly balanced in flavor as it sits the... Old fashioned flavor experiment if you like the cake was done, I highly recommend by. Size Oranges which are orange in color post back next week with an update just... At all essential size ( 63-73g ) fine, though I can try it?.... The dry fruit but I am really looking forward to bake this fruitcake! ” so pretty same method again... Response please uses the marzipan so I guess it ’ s a birthday cake, I doubled the rum! Entire loaf room temperature while you prepare the pans use kitchen towels instead of rum– maybe Drambuie all-purpose flour! Recommend wrapping it with my MIL and neighbors cakes today and it is fantastic so FAR too.