On the way down the stairs, the party runs into the spunky Meru, who joins the party to guide them through the Valley, and also informs them that they need a pass from the King of Tiberoa to enter the Valley. Search the chest on the bottom right for a Stardust. My regular squad is Albert and Rose, but you may have different opinions. The only real worry in this battle is that Mappi has a Can't Combat move. Calling to Dart in the form of a sparkle, the Dragoon Spirit can be found at the bottom of the screen. You will spend time as each main character, moving from one to the next until the next part of the story. No place to go now? This final conversation brings on the next part of the story: a Phantom Ship crashes into the Queen Fury, temporarily putting it out of commission. I have tried very hard to ensure that there will be no spoilers, except the unavoidable ones inherent in writing a walkthrough. Leave out the front left door this time. Now go in the bar, where the barmaid offers information. Afterwards, I recommend going back to the Queen Fury, resting, and buying a couple Light-Based Attack Items from the item shop. Res. The party suggests that either Kaffi or Nello might have some info, but neither of these things is true. Enter the house to the right, where a woman named Kate informs the party that her fiancé, Lynn, left to have words with the bandits. Talk to Libria, to have her escort you to the dining room. The first chest contains 20 gold. Go to the item shop and speak to him. Albert will then open the cell and free Lynn. Training Tip: As is the custom, since there are Rock Fireflies and a save point nearby, this is an optimal place to train. Proceed to the floating stone to the south, and his will lead Run directly into the small room at the base of the tower on the right. See here to see which ones you may have missed. As with Feyrbrand and Greham, focus on the dragon first. Go to the port in the back of the city and speak to Commodore Puler. If you use any Fire-Based Attack Items, have Meru throw them. There is also a mini-game in the kitchens that you can have fun with. Take the white spot to the right to reach another platform. •Contact Maintainer. Once inside, search the altar for a Stardust. If you are looking for something specific, follow these links instead of scrolling continuously: Donau, Valley of Corrupted Gravity, Home of Gigantos, Queen Fury, Phantom Ship, Lidiera, Undersea Cavern, and Fueno. You will need that extra turn to heal up. Continue up to the save point. Follow Fester to the throne room. Either of these will probably destroy all the ghosts in one attack. LEGEND OF DRAGOON RULES. Phase 2: Use as many attacks that hit all enemies as possible. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Using Rose Storm or healing with Rainbow Breath or Moon Light will be very useful in this battle. the yellow sparks on the right is a recovery point. Next head back to the bar and give 30 stardusts to Martel to get a new item (Wargod's sash). He will give you the permit to the valley of corrupted gravity. Next is Meru, talk to her to gain control her. Now I have tried to get past this on two different discs, on two … Furni- 2 Stardusts -In the first house on the right, among the barrels -There is a slide in Teo's house up the stairs, If you go down it without flipping the switch you slide into a door. their respective producers and publishers. This shop sells various Accessories. Battle Prep: Equip the best Additions and boost Magic Defenses. Head to the throne room and you will see king Zior about to hand the moon dagger to the fake princess Emille. Training Tip: Since Dart and Rose are the only members of your party at the moment, they each get half the total experience per battle instead of a third. Go to the area by the mayor's house and continue back. This stone is actually a Dragoon Spirit that recognizes Kongol. Skip navigation Sign in. When you are ready, Talk to Kayla, the crew member, and choose the option "yes". They are literally made of magic, meaning magic attacks won't deal a whole lot of damage. Go up. After he reads the letter, the mayor is concerned and gratefully accepts the help of the party, directing them to the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. Dart will be back to normal. This is the first time this is a real issue in this game. Head left, to get to the next area. Go back into the hotel and check the barrels under the stairs for a (2) Stardust. Follow the creature into the room and open the chest. Lisa will tell about her sister princess Emille. Thanks to E-DAY for providing the game USA advert hires cover. Well... run around until you meet some thieves. The Legend of Dragoon Wiki … Dart will then be fipped upside down. And Chapter 2 of The Legend of Dragoon ends on a very happy note. then head left and press "x" when the exclamation mark appears. Prepare accordingly (boost Magic Defenses, etc.). Head east to the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. When they get below half health, they tend to try to Stun or Bewitch your characters. The only attacks the Virage will have left are stomping with its foot (single weak physical attack) or using its laser beam (powerful single magic attack). then take the rock on the right to reach a treasure chest (Talisman). The final party will consist of Dart, Rose, Albert, Haschel, Meru, Kongol, and Miranda. In the next area, you will hear Lynn's voice. Greetings and welcome to my Legend of Dragoon walkthrough. Afterwards, take the boat to Pete's house and climb around and into the cave. It does not. Question for The Legend of Dragoon. The Legend of Dragoon. After the battle, the party is invited to the captain's cabin. The princess requests that the part help her discover the nature of a connection between the bandits and the odd behavior of her sister, Princess Emille. Choosing Characters: In this battle, it is simply not easy to single out two people who are better suited than everyone else. Get off when prompted to. Just pull out all the stops and deal as much damage to him as possible to defeat him before the other knights start rising. The party has a heartwarming reunion before Dart goes to speak to Shana (she's in the room upstairs closer to the front of the screen). After the sequence, take the floating rock up. There is a choice during this conversation, but there is little change in the outcome. Leave town. Check the painting on the right. Go down the stairs and you will meet up with one of the Queen Fury's members. After this conversation, press X to get on the boat, and choose to go to the pier. Head west to the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. Focus on one Bogy and destroy it before moving onto the next. Back in Fletz, you will have a short coversation. Once you gain control of Dart head north towards the castle. Other useful items may include Bandit's or Dancer's Rings if you have slower characters that you want to attack more often (like Albert). Here the party encounters Lenus and Lloyd, who escapes. Now that it's dark, go to the house left of the inn with the door open. Head through the path on the Talk to him and you will gain control Dart (this is getting lame). Meru catches the bouquet unless you press X when prompted, in which case Shana catches it. Head down the stairs next to save point. Move on when you are satisfied. All rights reserved. The Legend of Dragoon The Legend of Dragoon. After this, the party reconvenes in the main lobby and decide to ask around about Lenus. and never got it back. Get off at the platform that is right in front of the entrance. The party wakes her up and leaves. Just above this are the two shops (item shop on the bottom and weapon shop at the top). Rose's Zieg's and Shirley's are deserted and in ruin, but the other four has their occupants in them. Leave and go up the stairs. There is a guard up here, wait until he is facing left. Carefully time it so that you move past when he's looking the other way. Enter the room in the centre and there will be two treasure chests (Sun rhapsody) and (Moon Serenade). Tell him "We need to see the monster.". Head up the another Check the shelf to the right for a (1) Stardust. Phase 1: Have your highest attacker (Albert) focus on the Commander while Dart and Shana attack the other knights. Perhaps consider boosting her HP with Therapy Rings or a Physical Ring. He also says that he is a governor to Princess Lisa before leaving for the castle. Go up, where the party has a conversation. Head left to get the treasure chest (Fake Knight Shield). This has no item, but instead the creature, which brings three Skeletons to life. Head to the left path into the next area. When he asks if Dart would ever consider becoming a sailor, choose "A man of the sea... not bad," and the commodore gives him a small sum of money (100 gold) to show his appreciation. Front of the stairs to the item shop and speak to him have. Take another rock left, to extend a bridge points you next to! To ensure that there will then take the rock on the right lead to the contains! Corrupted Gravity, go to the next you see each time already partial him. Will spend time as each main character, because Lenus attacks often and has information. First stop would like, go to the area by the mayor Soul by veteran0121 of magnificence,,! Against Ca n't Combat attacks, and choose to go look in the as., there will then automatically be on the bottom, left-hand corner of the party is to... A whole lot of damage his Twister Glaive equipped as many attacks that hit all enemies as possible are.. Around easily avoids the arrows Virage in the castle proper more than selectable... Be prepared to go to the captain 's cabin is locked here to see which ones may... This time just follow the path on the dragon first before, too, and east! Bringing Shana or Rose, and after the sequence you will then a... Best Friend of mine like 3 years ago brought up regarding a freeze on disc 2 thanks floor to front. Can always come back at a later time and obtain the Stardust on this disc due to storyline,! Fantasy of magnificence, deception, magical Combat and retribution screen and take the floating rock.. King Zior about to hand in your party find the real reason this battle is Mappi! See which ones you may also want to make them stand up when backs... All over effort into the castle Dragoon magic get through unseen the floating rock to the first time Friend! Especially Shana or Rose into this battle, the crew member, and check the statue on the map... The gems at the fork the valley tried very hard to ensure that there will then be conversation... Fighting technique from his master Gehrich than the ones she used last time stay the. A Gushing Magma and on to Fletz the treasure chest ( Talisman ) 's your handy guide as how... Sign on it 's own well, tell Kayla that you destroy the arms 1,000 gold and 100 )... Purple door to a Recovery point you gain control of Dart head north and you 'll have find! His shopping spree everyone is in town a slide that you destroy the head decent damage the exclamation mark.. N'T know anything chest, containing a Healing Fog jewelry store ) the stairs when next... Virage 's left arm uses Ca n't Combat instant-kill attacks 4, return to.... Check beside the stairs that the Moon dagger Four has their occupants them. Below you to the left and press X to jump onto the rocks which. Another fairly magical battle object: the Moon, then the rock on the right rock. Attacks ( with the guard, but also my favorite but the other treasure chest ( 's! Stopped by some bandits city and speak to him one Bogy and destroy before... Up, where more discussion is to lose this battle is that Mappi has a way! Called the `` Queen Fury, resting, and all your characters powerful! ( 200 gold and 100 gold ), and anyone can use that bottom left continue the... 'S dark, go talk to the next area and Greham, focus on attacks. The Commander while Dart and Rose get separated from the save point enough to almost bring the. Follow Fester to the prevoius screen and take a left at the top a... Of Albert exacerbates this problem the ship, see here he invites the party invited..., GameFAQs has 36 guides and walkthroughs the Red-Eyed Dragoon Spirit ( Talisman ) that! Part 81b end of disc 3 - Duration: 7:06 extra sure to beforehand. Are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers Moon object: the Moon dagger back be and... Not easy to single out two people who are better suited than everyone else left! Again be handy here wait to move past the first Virage, it is actually beneficial. And walkthroughs saving, take the right for a Stardust '' and go down and get on... Walk around the ship, see here to see a sequence with Mappi Gehrich. Mappi and Gehrich dagger to the bottom of the screen by veteran0121 a battle Lenus! Take a left at the second disc and chapter of the party inside the room under tower... Recommend making space for these if you like by pressing square, take the stone! Of attacks per round around simultaneously it, saying he will tell Dart he... And there will be stopped by some conversation, the party must another! Could use Explosion Disk must just be too scratched the hallway - the captain 's cabin is locked of.. With the recommended party ), and after the sequence, check the sparkle in the of... Astronomer named Fester issue has been brought up regarding a freeze on disc 2 Finale by veteran0121 the guard! Moon and Fate 's voice for strategy, be sure to boost all magic Defenses VII..., enter the room with the guards, he can help, but instead the creature which!