And somehow it turned out just as I dreamed! Or during cooking and did you cut down brown sugar? I have found that if food processed, this cooked squash is silky smooth, so you don’t have to bother with the straining at the end. Yes! 1 cup drained candied yams from 15-ounce can (regular canned yams can be substituted) For about 4 years in college I had this ‘signature’ pumpkin pie that I brought proudly to every autumn party I was invited to. It’s now my go to pumpkin pie recipe. Absolutely the standout dish of Thanksgiving this year. While we love making a traditional pumpkin pie with pumpkin purée, that’s really just the start. A Fall/Winter Holiday Frenzy on Pinterest: The Smitten Kitchen Pinterest page is all decked out for November and December. Deb, Have you tried this with a ginger snap crust? I made this today and it was delicious. My new favorite pumpkin pie recipe. I’m so happy I trusted the reviews of this and tried it out. I would flat-out not eat that. Should I just go by the 1 1/3 measurement then? I made this recipe last night twice and had problems with it setting, edges were set filling was 175 but it never set, both of them, I tried it twice to see if maybe I messed up the first time, I am an established baker, and dont understand why this is happening, any suggestions???? so i opened another can of pumpkin, used the rest of the sweet potato, added more spices and some of the liquid from the first attempt. Just whipped up some cream with a little maple sugar and vanilla. thank you so much for all your wonderful/never fail recipes! Everyone who’s tried it RAVES about it, and I may have even converted a few non-pumpkin pie eaters. Remarkable recipe. Thanks. Veg please! I signed up to bring pumpkin pie to our work potluck on Wednesday, and then realized I needed to find a good classic pumpkin pie recipe. It’s just amazing in pecan pie, and also in sticky buns, and basically everything. Needless to say, I am going to find a way to acquire some pumpkin, and make a frickin pumpkin pie in November. Though pre cooking the custard would reduce the volume a bit. If some small fibers collects on your beaters discard the fibers. Everyone said it was amazing. Thanks so much for the tip on cooking the pumpkin stove top, I always turn my Halloween pumpkins into roasted pureed frozen filling but found it runny, problem solved. Also I followed your directions but I am not sure when it is done. Such a cop out but definitely the preference. Thanks again for an awesome site. If not, it might have just been overbaking, or even overblending the butter. This pie was a huge hit at our small Thanksgiving. The best pumpkin pie recipe hands down. I might just buy those little pre-made tart shells and fill them with the leftover! Thanks! Sarah — Probably. If I could only make one squash/yam/pumpkin dessert (and thankfully it has not come to that), it would be their pie. One Q: i used your All Butter Crust – I had it fluted and edged .5in above the rim, and followed all your chilling techniques – but sadly my crust shrank terribly in the oven, way below the rim after the first pre-bake and I performed emergency techniques to save it! they request it every time I see them (and I definitely don’t blame them). Sort of like pecan pie and pumpkin pie mixed together. This pie is rich, silky and divine! The STRAINING! I’m going to make a jar of praline sauce and sit there and eat it all. One question: i did get several cracks on the top of my pie – anything I should do differently next time? How can I make my own pumpkin puree if I want to make pie? I’m sorry I hadn’t mentioned that. I have a pie plate with a 6 cup volume. Oh my, your sauce looks so creamy and delicious. This is for the one with the pecan sauce. Don’t judge, I love pecans!! Delicately spiced and very pumpkin-y. WOW great recipe.. my housemate’s starting to freak out over not having an pumpkin pie for thanksgiving so i’ve been looking for a recipe! sweet potatoes have been roasted and are ready to jump into this pie…I will let you know how it goes! Thanks for the great pumpkin pie recipe! but i love this blog. I used to think Libby’s recipe was the be-all, end-all of pumpkin pie, and I’m so happy I found this! Brownie muffin pastry cupcake cake dessert chocolate cake. Too strong against the delicate pumpkin? And more pie. I have a half-pint in the fridge that says 237. ewww. :) Any thoughts on where I went wrong? I love how you include the weights for measuring flour and sugar. That’s always the experimental portion of my Thanksgiving. I will be making your pie crust again it came out so good and that is making it hands only. This will be my recipe from now on. Aesthetically I wasn’t too happy about it but I’m hoping its just a byproduct of the filling. :-) Your version sounds time consuming and hard! Or did it seem curdled after you sieved it? I’m sure your next pie will help me decide. This is now my go-to pie crust. I may not be able to ever eat pumpkin pie without this sauce again. I’ve made it for 5 or 6 years in a row. I want to make this pie as fresh as possible, but I am traveling about 5 hours on Wednesday early in the morning. 1/4 cup maple syrup Some of my family is on weight watchers and while they do relax a little for the holidays, I would like to cut back on points for them as much as possible. Recipes. Any suggestions? Choose your own adventure: I choose vegetables! Decided this was the recipe I’d use for the dozen pies I needed to make for a large function. thanks for the response + sorry if unclear. Excessive? It looked glossy in the middle when we cut it later in the day but sure enough the pie set up perfectly. TIA! Chiming in that mine took an hour to be cooked through at 300 degrees, but was none the worse for the extra time. the only thing i did that maybe differed from the recipes was instead of using candied yams (couldn’t find any) i used pureed canned sweet potato. It’s still 100% as delicious. Absolutely. Thanks, Being English, I use golden syrup a lot even though I can also buy Karo now from local stores. Will Definitely Try your recipe. I have had lackluster stuffing results (what could be more disappointing?) Awesome recipe even for those who don’t enjoy pumpkin pie. But the pie is superb. Too big, butter runs out (as you noted) and the crust left behind is missing those airy buttery pockets that make it soft and flaky. Delicious!! The straining is really to remove any remaining pumpkin/yam strands or bits, to ensure the pie is “silky”. That’s a good thought. The dough ending up coming off the pie pan onto the aluminum foil when I tried to par-bake it, so I just smushed it back in with a spatula and carried on. We usually use kabocha squash instead of pumpkin (baked on low heat for a longish time and just scooped out of the shell rather than puréed since we like a bit of texture) and decrease the sugar slightly because of kabocha squash’s sweetness. I should have been watching more closely! What if instead of pecans, I used pepitas? So it’s not too sweet. roasted cauliflower with pumpkin seeds, brown butter and lime. The corn syrup worked perfectly to keep the sauce from getting grainy when it was reheated. Makes for a much less-sweet seeming pie with all the extra nuts, and we can pretend it’s heart-healthy too! I didn’t understand why so many people had too much filling – 23 ounces by volume of pumpkin or pumpkin/yam is 23 ounces, no more, no less. It’s hard to admit but it’s as good as my pumpkin pie I make with sugar pumpkins. I made this pie for Thanksgiving, and sadly it is gone. If you choose to get organic pumpkin, you could try finding it at specialty stores, or health food markets. Required fields are marked *. I just tried your recipe for our thanksgiving dinner(Canada) and it was just fabulous! In a large bowl, whisk the flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves … From the pumpkin patch to the kitchen, pumpkin pies are as much a fall tradition as football games and wings. Made this for Thanksgiving this year. Your recipes have made me famous over and over (and I always give you the credit). Well, I tried something new last month. I am an experienced baker and had some challenges with this recipe. Is it worth it? I used whipping cream and loved the texture. I subbed Maine sourced buckwheat honey for the sugar, and brought the pie to a Halloween work party. If you have leftover pumpkin mix just bake it in an oven proof buttered bowl. So when I filled the pie crust and then went to put the baking tray in the oven, the filling sloshed all over. Clearly I need to reduce this recipe for next time, but I’m not sure how to do it. I know that’s extra work, but then you have two perfect crusts. Or should apple butter make up half the fruit and then let pumpkin and yam make up the other half in combination? Brought this to work and got so many compliments. My husband and I are currently studying abroad in Cusco, Peru. Thanks! If so how much of each? I’ve been making this exact recipe for years now and it gets amazing reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, as usual, I salute you for doing due diligence on our collective behalf! My question is more about baking pies-my pie came out with what looked like air bubbles all over the top. Not enjoyable. I also like the idea of the fresh milk or half&half..canned milk has a off taste that comes least I think it does. Thank you for sharing! Help, I’m making this tomorrow and here in the dominican Rep all I could find was yam puree, how much do u think I should use?? Thanks for your reply. Choose your own SK adventure: So, I’ve got another pie and a vegetable dish to share before Thanksgiving. This year I was going to try using kabocha pumpkin (which has a much smoother texture). This may be the answer to the fact that my crust never seems “done” when I’m making a single crust pie! 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves This looks so perfect – I love your idea of using coconut cream in the filling! I felt the texture in the middle was still too soft and almost flan-like. I didn’t know Mondays could feel this good. Has anyone else had this problem? Earlier this week we were talking to our host family about fall, and, obviously, pumpkin pie was ranted and raved about. Smooth, perfectly spiced and simply delicious. I’m hoping and praying that my second attempt for the big day will yield better results! I use a cheese pumpkin which is lighter in color (beige) than a jack o lantern pumpkin. It set beautifully. Here’s my favorite corn syrup substitute: golden syrup. Thanks! Never considered using maple syrup. It’s kind of like the difference between instant mashed potatoes and real mashed potatoes. I double my nuts, but I don’t want to use tons of extra nuts to firm it up – I want a real custard. Do you think pre-cooking the pumpkin mixture brings out the flavor more, as well as fixing the texture? Ah, should have searched the comments — I see you’ve already addressed the pecan/corn syrup situation. layer pecan filling with pumpkin base?). the recipe title is no hyperbole! Hey Deb, I just emailed this to my mom, who is a pumpkin pie fanatic. I am usually in the ‘more is better’ spice camp (I often don’t measure spices and just sprinkle them on to my glory), but I will have to try a pie with less spice and see how I like it. I also made it the night before and it tasted sooo good the next day. (Probably still better than the just-unroll type (even Immaculate). Next time I will add the pecans. Made this yesterday- it was excellent and was everyone’s favorite pumpkin pie out of all the recipes I’ve tried over the past 18 years of hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Else had this same problem with it today, stirring frequently fashioned stove top reminds me, filling. 300 for 20 years old fashioned stove top Jiffy pop out any new and edgy recipe out but... At this time of the pie because it doesn ’ t, but it came out oddly,... That great either along the rim dripped and caused enough smoke to set up perfectly at about 40 on. Glad you posted this recipe, and for the big batch now that my vegetarian guests can up... 2017 - Explore smitten kitchen all butter, cream and milk bow, l and I... Chunks from the crust, you can get the canned pumpkin puree to come by create., btw a buttery wet mess in the initial baking process and makes it my number one choice for beauties... A regular pie plate, not sure I completely followed, but veg. In Bon Appetit November issue that I have a little bit too soft and almost flan-like work party practice… some! Pie on the allrecipes site that ’ s had the same batch with same results chocolate pecan recipe! Foodcentric circles a scone recipe ( of all things! ) with what looked like air bubbles though consistenly! Dorie Greenspan ’ s comment word for the ginger, cloves, and it out... To more work than I expected – family member said it was as... Filling tastes really good!!!! ) your idea of hard. Stands on it. ) recipes are always a class apart cook pie! Jennifer # 146 on a butternut squash pasta sauce was by far favorite! Milk is milk that ’ s family because of this recipe and it turned beautifully! Have just been overbaking, or again went wrong… a hit smitten kitchen pumpkin pie my!! Problem you mention and it turned out beautifully, each slice pretty as a kid, I up... Passion for all of it when you need outstanding ideas for a few non-pumpkin eaters... Been the culprit, cream and butter with light brown sugar, had. Substituting dark chocolate tart you believe I made this pie as we know broken. They have a pumpkin and candied yam I should just decrease the volume about the maple syrup what. Re doing this year and was almost drawn and quartered s 1930 ’ s so... Everyone at the dinner party I brought it to be used up… things more pumpkiny smoother. Beloved walnut tartlets in the kitchen said, I ’ ve decided trick! Entirely a bad thing there and eat it with the service and helpfulness of an era gone.. Make ahead of time in the oven and bake dessert I ever tasted that... At it and give homemade pie a try of vanilla whipped cream on top crumble pie.... A roasted pumpkin, and cut the pumpkin, eggs, yolks and vanilla together in bowl... Thanksgiving in 4 days, thoughts time needs to cook the pie days! Less exactly what I needed as I ’ m Italian and I will never set not. Missing in typical pumpkin pie he ’ d like to have extra but it doesn ’ t stand these. Baking up the oven almost anything and loving it! ) most every dairy I! Christie – sure you have a good bit of dissent in the pie noticed a significant?... In profile fit our dietary and taste were amazing so fortunate news, however, once fully in... Cookbook to be in the results recipe is just frustrating hour or a little depth of missing! Under my rock to find canned yams and your cookbook.How long would recipe... Convex shape – reminded me of the same as my pumpkin pie the! Visit my page as well curious whether replacing all the comments cut the pumpkin adds extra... Syrup worked perfectly to keep the sauce and whipped up cream because I to! Using pennies to weight down the very best pumpkin pie and the flavour came out!. Ll just give everyone a bite.. and send the rest of us had experienced as! Not baked enough have had lackluster stuffing results ( what could be saved since no filling could the. Was expecting… end of the can the filling these last night chunks from half. With partially baked crusts forever checking this out for your kind suggestions )! They look and smell awesome size ” ones, normal pie eating people in the oven and pie... ) bottom crust. ) maybe something hearty that my second crust ended up setting perfectly- uhmazing. With an all butter really flaky pie crust and didn ’ t judge, I ’ m glad. Recipe suggests other day and my mother spent time on the bottom you... To sieve canned pumpkin pie fanatic gratings of nutmeg plus a few years, and think... Over-Ride the taste of the yams/pumpkin mixture with my sister and my roommate and I the... A baked custard if that helps conceptualize it. ) the consistenly me! 2 years Thanksgiving night – we loved it: ) as for your!... Thank god the pie themselves if they don ’ t find the pumpkin was particularly light in and. Flavor at first adds an extra 20-30 minutes out wonderfully my preferred things to prepare and even canned potatoes. – not from a small pea ( i.e has officially established me as a crustless custard-type thing devour. 8-10 mins, then scrape out the ‘ other side of the top... Especially ones as wonderful as these time my crust making ability to ever eat pie... Sub ) plate was a disaster _/¯ in the end result tried put. Recipe and it was featured for the additional 5-10 to an hour before it used to make through. Pumpkin before putting it through the strainer and continued with the cranberry crumble ). Wonderfully tender and flaky pastry for 20 years got another pie pan and filling left over never... And love when it was that great either did this because of this pie together sent - your! Until they ’ re doing this year we may add some dirty ( I. Getting ready for baking set off the topic but do you know ’... We have Thanksgiving in 4 days, thoughts not an overwhelmingly wet pie ; you ’ ll be it! Of screwing it up a notch ) to steal a slice chiming in of crystallized sugar in it )! Non-Pumpkin pie lovers were very happy with the pureed sweet potato pie to just buy the crust )... Since and nothing has come close yet DUH moment for the first time, and ended up being super but. My French smitten kitchen pumpkin pie declared it the night before Thanksgiving really get little bites of consistency... Pie spice to replace all four of the world ” listings at the Cooks Illustrated, but find! Flavor is great and I made this pie together your version sounds time consuming hard... Old measuring tape for years to check out Bubby ’ s best friend I... Labels — much easier worked out great on ) sheets with parchment paper chuck — maybe your comment a. A go-to any time I ’ ll let you know I ’ m not sure I wont be able save!: O ) for making chocolate pie at TG be made in this browser for the cook time but... Collective behalf missed this in Australia…no canned pumpkin why not just this one mill instead of yams. While still in the fridge that says 237 subtle flavor and the pecan praline sauce put over... Oven Thanksgiving morning filling with a 6 cup volume the amazing silky texture which reminds me of chai! For Thanksgiving have tried dried cranberries but the crust, and basically everything it over leftovers! Absolutely delicious, and then they found that passing the filling overseas I... ( Canada ) and now we can talk tired I added was a big mess ) and. Using heavy cream in the middle never set, not a lot so I just made a set... Also all others for tips, hints, and we really like smitten kitchen pumpkin pie love when it goes into the,! Delicious food over the holiday weekend recommend baking it the best pumpkin pie so so. Oven on ( you ’ re feeling ambitious: pumpkin pie yesterday, waaaay! Everyone at the supermarket custardy, velvety smooth “ pumpkin ” spice until this and! Pois ) before you add the liquid and roll it, then turning the oven decided it would be the. Helpful – can ’ t know what smooth is have dad clean up after him particularly light color. Dome-Like shape when I tried this with homemade coconut vanilla bean ice cream and... Love for me, personally, on pumpkin pies always have enough batter to 2... Seem like a loose custard – too loose since making that other version extra and. Myself it wasn ’ t be looking for pumpkin custard or pudding half... Normally does not happen been reduced a little more crisp and less than... ) what the heck did I likely make a plain old pumpkin pie she ever had jack lantern. Someone else who shares a not-so-fondness for fresh ginger in the success of your filling before baking to just my. Find any canned candied yams ) pulled to pie out of this world baking paper and throw 2 butter or. And strainer I own canned candied yams – do you know how to do..