BTS and ARMY reaction are priceless. The paid ‘on-tact’ (On Contact) peformance comes after their hugely successful online concert weekend BANG BANG CON from earlier this year, which fetched 50 million viewers worldwide. Your letter is true! Sorry just as much as U guys that tour had 2 B cancelled but U R worth waiting 4 til Spring 2021. Cant' wait 2 C U in Jersey, same time same place! Waiting for a comeback concert here in Philippines!!!! I am old enough to be your Gramma so not age of typical fans but to me age is truly just a number & I don't think BTS cares & neither do I! Four years is a good amount of time for a group to be together, and BLACKPINK is still going very strong! Jin: This year marks our seventh anniversary and so while working on this album, we got to look back at those years together. Now we just need to wait for the online concert. For it is characteristically Bangtan to do so, I thought I had observed our old and earliest selves many many times, but in the process of thoroughly studying photos from our debut period one after another, I didn't feel like the me that I had known, so they felt strange and unfamiliar. I love u beyond the moon and always will. We took a trip down memory lane, and naturally the ‘reboot’ concept seemed fitting for this project. His ending words to ARMY, when he said he loves them more than love immediately started trending as fans couldn't stop gushing over how articulate RM is while expressing his thoughts, especially when it comes to his love for ARMY. It always makes me completely involved in the scene and background of the songs. How to Participate. I HOPE YOU WILL COME TO BELARUS OR I WILL COME TO SOUTH KOREA TO BE IN YOUR CONCERT!! But a person from another era was standing there with a surreptitious smile on his face. It's hard to fathom the fact that BTS has been around for seven whole years since their debut on June 13, 2013. we all love you guys Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. If I look to my side, I see friends, who have become much cooler and so I brace myself. They wrote on Twitter: ‘The seventh June 13th spent together with the seven. Thanks to u and your dreams and your hard-working and your songs and everything u did to make us happy and laugh. For us your health and happiness is really important. 30 Best Happy Anniversary Wishes For Friends SMS; Events. 40% off. I learned a lot from you guys. RM I love you too. There’s a saying about BTS in the fandom: ‘You come into our lives when we … JULY. posted on Jun. Discussion in 'K-POP' started by beambr, Jun 12, 2020. HAPPY 7th ANNIVERSARY BTS AND BTS ARMY....LUV U ALL..AND ALWAYS SUPPORT U...PURPLE U... RM I loved you as a army and your the amazing man ever, your voice,your everything! See more ideas about bangtan, bts, bangtan sonyeondan. RM aka Namjoon writes the most heartwarming letter to ARMY on BTS' 7th anniversary: I love you more than love Taking to Weverse, in the wee hours of … In his letter to ARMY, RM also reflected on his past self and the growth he's had in the past seven years. I am so proud of these 7 boys, since the day they came back in my life, they only surprised me and dazzled me. To celebrate BTS's 6th anniversary, the wonderful fans in ARMY have been using the hashtag #6YearsWithOurHomeBTS to celebrate this occasion. Dearest namjoon and bts always remember you are loved and appreciated ❤❤❤. 13, 2019 at 4:51 pm June 13, 2019. It 8:39pm. 9 July ARMY Day. Happy seventh anniversary, BTS! We watch together the video and concert video or live! Namjoon I love you more than anything in this world♥️. After i think she finish like bts. Jungkook’s ears turn red after he reads his letter. Mm... today, also, I laughed a lot with my friends as we practiced our choreography. DEAR BTS !!! Broadcast dates: June 13-14Starring: BTS, Twice, Stray Kids, Super Junior BTS celebrates 7th anniversary with voice-only broadcast To celebrate the band’s seventh anniversary… I truly do feel like a Seoul citizen now. Their name is BTS, who celebrated its sixth anniversary on June 13 in Korea after finishing its globe-trotting stadium concert tour in three U.S. cities, Sao Paulo, London, and Paris. BTS 3rd Anniversary Present . The love armies do. As the BTS ARMY Mark's their seventh anniversary, social is flooded with congratilatory messages, BTS songs and throwback pictures. BTS and other pop stars from Korea will not receive exemptions - OyeYeah. I'm probably one of many of your older generation of fans and Truly proud of it, your music has touched me in so many ways I can't explain (though I haven't spoken the language since I was in High School)and yes I its terrible now Lol, but I seem to transcend when I hear your music and singing & dancing along no matter where I'm at. You have no idea how much of an impact your stories and music has had on so many people. And trying to achieve my goals because of you BTS. Still, as ever, I hope that my love is being delivered to you. You 7 are really amazing and the wonderful human being I have ever seen. Hence, it comes as no surprise, that at the wee hours of the morning, Bangtan leader RM took to Weverse to write the most heartwarming letter to ARMY on BTS' seventh anniversary. You are my best friends and will be always. I'm proud of myself representing as an army of people like you. RM I love u! OT7. I will work hard, just like I've shouted through the seven years. But, I was happy then because it was then, and I am happy now because it is now. Be always together. Jun 13, 2016-Aug 23, 2016 18 broadcasts BTS % Preview is available before making purchases by clicking the video you want to see. Five years after SHINee‘s season of KBS variety show Hello Baby ended, the baby star has grown up quite a bit and sent his well wishes to SHINee for their 7th anniversary since debut!. Namjoon!!! ALSO READ: BTS Rewind: When Namjoon aka RM was asked to choose between being the leader of the septet or going solo, Thank you RM for sending your comment to all ARMY's happy 7th anniversary go to Filipins we miss you saranghae. Your letter was very heartwarming. Happy 7. It has been a full 10 years since I came to Seoul and entered the Nonhyeondong lodging in the summer of 2010. With BTS‘s 7th anniversary coming up June 13, Twitter has decided to do something special to celebrate.

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