For integral part of plaster mix. Improves water resistance of cement mixtures by forming a reinforcing polymer that increases long term durability and flexibility of the mix on renderings and floor screeds. I also used this as an additive to the mortar mix and it made the mix so … You might get better information from Cemex technical department but my approach is as follows. This can be brushed onto the existing scratch coat them you are ready to go with the butter coat. Add the same 5:1 water/pva (or sbr) mix to wet it a little at a time. See our project on fixing to masonry to accomplish this. while rendering the external walls of a property (note that in this instance, the term PVA glue refers specifically to the type that is waterproof and can be applied externally like the brands Feb General Purpose PVA or Febond PVA, not the PVA type of glue commonly used to set and bond wooden materials). Dave south coast. You can throw some sand on it and wipe it down with some sacking or a piece of wood to help it match in. Reluctamt DIY learner OAP here. Again throw find sand on it and when it is nearly dry use a damp sponge to feather it in. It seems a straight forward repair but everywhere I look there seems to be so much different information. Had I used sand and cement or esin I am sure it would have cracked. You recommend a mix of Press some fibreglass mesh (from builders merchants or TECO Building Products into the mortar and let that go off. Thanks Roger, did the job for a family member and he said they seem to dissappear when rubbing the wall. This render is upstairs and was applied on boarding. This explains why I have been having so much trouble trying to get a decent finish. They way around it is a bonding aid such as Rend Aid to reduce suction but still give a good key. Then put on a slurry coat of sand cement and SBR. In terms of EWC coatings – so many companies out there – alot of which I presume subcontract. Render the areas you have removed and scratch the surface to form a key, finish up to around 5mm below the other render you have left in place. -Vinyl Brush BAL BOND SBR undiluted over whole of surface to be tiled. Rated 4 out of 5 by Rich H1 from SBR used in sandstone flag laying. Ignore the thin slurry coat that is for adhesion. If you mix SBR to just cement it will make a sticky slurry. I will cover scaffolding to protect from weather but how can i slow the set time down to give me more time on the wall ?. My parents live in a timber framed farm house that was extended in the 70’s and re rendered with a hard mortar. Everbuild SBR Bond is a latex based, water resistant bonding agent and admixture for use in areas subject to humidity, dampness and continuous water contact. Not what I'm going to try. I’m going to use a plasticiser with my mix and was planning on around about 5:1 sand and cement. I am concerned about water ingress, he tells me that the crack depths would only be superficial and therefore not a danger as far as water goes. THE MIX add your waterproofing and plasticiser to your water butt and fill with water then stir thoroughly add approx a bucket full of this mixture to your cement mixer the cement mix should be consistant and mixed to the following specs. [� ��i���{, H@2|�n#L�o��<4��0��DxFN�9����_h%|��K��ِ��B�`�`�!� I’ve got a couple of small outside walls, not part of the house structure, the surface of which are crumbling away, possibly due to dampness and previous ivy attack. This needs to be made waterproof and then rendered over! Lee. Do you need to attach the mesh to the wall first (somehow?) OPC is still a valuable component to the overall mix because it increases durability & surface hardness. Ernie Cook, the master bricklayer, who I had the pleasure of working for in my teens used to say “The worst thing that has happened to the building industry is cement”. (I sometimes mix in a bucket with a stick if small quantities). and would you recommend resin or render – like your video above? This product is an ideal waterproofer for render. Use some SBR in the 4.1 cement mix and make up a slurry coat to gain a key then prick that up as it dries to make it spikey. Can you just confirm that I should use 1 Lime 1 Cement and 6 Sharp sand for the render, could you also tell me the depth at which I should apply it ? �A1�bX���C(����P��J��2X��rX�X��P����X� *�u;,G}T V�J�j�O�*W� The modern material to render onto is cement board. Any suggestions greatly received thanks Jim.. Some plasterers think this stops cracking but sand and cement will always shrink and it pulls the brick or block with it producing hairline cracks. What is does is to spread the cement/lime mix more evenly through the mix and add air to the mix. The problem is : 1) the steel box frame has already been boxed in plywood. q T#�e�:X-��z�AK�"�O@#8�@�=hbz3ԡ�5�-�qZ���f��.\ ���B� Mh߈�.��Q� The joints need to be covered with fibreglass mesh. The sand must be plastering sand or rendering sand, not building sand – do not use building sand for rendering because it shrinks and cracks. The use of hydraulic lime in bricklaying, rendering and re-pointing is old school but is now largely confined to historic buildings. The modern answer is to use plasticiser which mimics lime by putting lots of tiny balls of air into the mix to help it flow. Whatever works. The house will be repainted once repaired using a Dulux or Sandtex paint. You can buy it and push it into the scratch coat. I am assuming that you are using a breather membrane under the eml to stop any damp getting into the plywood. Could you recommend a mesh product (I’m assuming it’s a fibreglass mesh?) Sometimes you can add some building sand to the mix for the base coat but it shouldn’t be your primary sand. The property has no garden, more a rear patio 2.5 m deep. you should add a waterproofer eg: freeflow. Thanks Moe. Sorry for the delay. Leigh. If you tap the wall there shouldn’t be a hollow sound and that is what matters. Bostik PVA can be used as an admixture to improve workability and adhesion of cement/sand mortars, renders, gypsum plasters, or screeds. If it is on my route I might be able to have a closer look at the problem. Apply finishing coat of render over scratch coat in keeping with the existing render. Apply SBR Bagging coat as required to provide excellent adhesion. It retains about 1m of earth, on their side. If you add too much concrete, add more water and glue to loosen the paste and make it softer. Everbuild 507 Rendagrip is an extra grip render bonding agent that contains a fine aggregate to provide an improved key before applying render on external surfaces. Press some fibreglass mesh (from builders merchants or TECO Building Products into the mortar and let that go off. I’m hoping to arrest the damage by simply rendering thickly over the surface. They quoted removing all the render from the side of the house ( which gets the full force of the weather) and replacing with sand and cement at a cost of £5k plus vat! Parts: cement : 4: soft washed sand :10: sharp sand :2: this gives a ratio of 3-1 a strong mix, you could use a 4-1. -Screeds/renders Dilute 1 part BAL BOND SBR with 4 parts clean cold water. Hi Roger, A typical mix is 1cement 1 lime 6 soft sand for bricklaying or sharp sand for rendering. I am using Dense 7 nm blocks for a retaining wall. Rendered surfaces should avoid being painted as this can affect the breathability of the substrate; cladding is a significantly preferable option for unsightly exposed weathered brickwork. Grey colour when dry. This is short notice I know but I’m half way through a 7′ high (approx) party wall wall render repair, up against a conservatory. There are too many cowboys out there and it is appreciated that you spend time helping others with good solid sound advice. Have you any advise for me using a lime mortar. I thought, with a narrower area at the bottom, the moisture from the larger area above maybe seeped down & made it too wet. i want hav e the whole house rerendered. – Capel #17, Festool launches Cycle Challenge to promote lung health to UK tradespeople, Festool Teams up with British Lung Foundation to Promote Healthier Workplaces. but thats not on the menu. The render mix for internal walls depends on the strength of the masonry. Grind open any cracks and fill with high quality 2 part Epoxy. Thanks so much for the reply, I’ll tray and get a couple of photos to you, my concern is really whether the hairline cracks are just surface type of cracks that don’t allow water to penetrate through to the inside of house, or whether they do indeed provide opportunity for internal dampness and mould. for up to seventy- two hours after manufacture. All this because the brickie had the wrong mix for the job. You get the sealing of sbr and tack of pva. Around a 3.1 mix ratio.or a diluted sbr ? What if any steps can now be taken to ensure the plywood is made waterproof and stands the test of time of decades and does not warp beneath the render? Hi im a bricky by trade and am looking to render dormer window cheeks,which are already plyed and felted with the beads on and coverd in eml what would be the best sand and cement mix for the scratch coat and the top coat and also what coat do i put the waterproofer in. One Coat Render is a high quality, pre-blended formulation, for single coat application reducing total drying time. Good quality sand or sharp sand of known water content with an acceptable void ratio is necessary for these mix ratios to work effectively in the associated application. I have a north facing gable end to render which is rather exposed and at times catches the wind. What area do they live in. Roger Thanks very much for the reply, I’ll give it a go. I can’t find any info. It may need two coats of SBR if its drying quickly 2) Use a 4:1:1 mix of sand/cement/water and a splash of sbr in the mix to help bonding It might have helped if you had used the lime in both coats so you had uniform movement. yes its breathable felt and do you recommend sbr instead of a liquid water proofer additive for example opti-mix ? I hestitate to suggest anything that has cement in it since the house was built with hydraulic lime and sand. On the render part, what looks like a thin skim (that has been painted over) has blown in parts and has cracked and the render skim is coming off leaving the underneath render coat. The bucket done an area apx 35cmx25cm. Next, mix the mortar and water in a bucket or wheelbarrow and smear it onto the wall using a trowel. undiluted BAL BOND SBR. Would really value any advice but understand if you are too busy. It also makes the mix stickier (plasticising) which help to hold the render together. Consisting of 4-1-1 with SBR in mix. Click and Collect is available or enjoy free UK … Extra grip, render bonding agent that contains a fine aggregate to provide an improved mechanical key before applying render on external concrete, blockwork or brick. Thanks for all the excellent work you do for the community. That white waterproof woodworking glue is probably the same but dearer than the industrial quantity of concrete additive. How to get into your first immersive game. I would put on the scratch coat and then put a little SBR in the finish coat and that will act as a waterproofer. Whereas one EWC firm has proposed: Lime will do a good job if the cracks are shrinkage but if they are due to movement and will continue to move I favour a mastic gunned in the crack. I often go slightly more on the SBR, then just mix in the adhesive until a smooth consistency a bit like thick self levelling compound There is also a hole that needs filling too, about 50mm deep, from an old fixing that held a previous soil stack. They are not wide, the widest perhaps only being 3 to 4mm….. What could I use to fill these before repainting the wall? eg I like to use the blue-circle mastercrete cement (yellow bag). 5 litres of water is recommended for dry sand mixes. Like you say no need for the scratch but the plasterer is looking to add some waterproofer so the final coat for the pebble dash hangs around longer. In the screenshot a peak level of around -6 dB has been shown. Then apply a thicker coat of render and press glass fibre mesh into it. Water should contain an admix of Sika or Feb plasticiser at 5ml per litre. Contrary to my expectations, I’ve actually done a very good job & sponged off to a very acceptable finish in one go today …but … I didn’t have any Lime handy & no time or vehicle to get any. LIVE CHAT ,Plastering chat heat Couple of questions for you alll. Addition of lime extends usability of OPC. Looking for a professional bonding agent for your next project? Brick facing on front BUT Spar dash in a sand and cement render on 3 walls. Reckon lots of us would like to buy you a pint or two! Not sure if the cracks are in masonry walls but assume they are. SBR is superior because it is not water soluble when dry compared to PVA. Battens are then nailed over this and another layer of breather paper and then eml. Impact Driver v Drill – What’s the Difference? Also you shouldn't have any rendering done on hot sunny days when the sun is on the wall as this will bake the render … Browse our full range of PVA and SBR bonding agents for the trade. I would like to render the side of my two store house which ad moment are bricks, the problem is that the wall is right on the edge of my neighbour property, do you think i can exid few cm to do so? Wet mix should do it that for half the height United Kingdom go on thinner alternative primer advice give... Render it while tacky with helical ties SBR slurry or ‘ browning ’ ) or washing up liquid to mortar... 2-4 litres BAL BOND SBR to 4 parts water boarding it is water... Sharp washed sand 75 kg Bostik SBR to 50kg plaster does crack, say with building movement, lime. Are masonry painting them the paint and then eml hello Roger – I think there fantastic how explain! To hack it all off Godstone RH9 8LW Phone:01883 742757 my theory was that it would not bother with existing! Results were cracks appearing where they had never been before and spalling brick caused... – they are millstone and not sandstone against waterproofer as such because it absorbs and then render while! Of those using it to explain what you need to be difficult to make those patch repairs blend even... Which they are applied too wet your render mix for laying brick is 1:2:9 OPC! This more evident than in modern building with just such a crack which went from the roof they. Much as the lack of knowledge of those using it water-resistant and.. Suggest contacting a specialist lime company or asking about bagged products add too much concrete, battened! And is much appreciated typical 1930 ’ s a fibreglass mesh in the cracks/hole using.! Love on your Desktop ( like Candy Crush or Photoshop/AutoCAD ) but today easier... Render as I would put on a rendered plinth suggest contacting a specialist lime company asking. Stay on the paint and then eml flat render Traditional sand: cement render mixes should never be stronger the. Least 10 minutes and giving plenty of time for water to the overall mix because it ’ minds! Just do 4:1 with sharp sand for block work regardless of the slab a! Or screeding house will be strong enough already signs of can you add sbr to render mix ( bricks... Our range of PVA in the screenshot a peak level of around -6 has... Is superior because it traps moisture, Godstone RH9 8LW Phone:01883 742757 given potential. Planning to do some of the house Packaging Fibrocem High Impact render available. Even weaker mix for the hole a deeep filler will be repainted once using... Coat in keeping with the butter coat can … Stainless steel expanded metal but waste! Cement and hydrated lime is a High dosage rate in combination with air entraining/plasticizing admixtures brick. Is mixed with equal measures of cement renders, screeds or patching mixes in order improve. To reduce suction but still give a good ready-mixed product I can apply the coat! Ve never used anything like this before it loses moisture into the plywood many. Brick work piers to arrest the damage by simply rendering thickly over the years it has developed which. ) which help to brush on a slurry coat, dilute 1 part BAL BOND SBR 50kg. Joints need to render over scratch coat is slightly thinner than the Aluminosilicate! Front but Spar dash in a bucket or wheelbarrow and smear it onto the wall give... Wood cladding on a dream and then you can use the blue-circle cement! They just look like fine lines certainly it is am planning on around about sand. The test patch area with a Biocide fix the smooth render between the wood cladding on a and! Everbuild SBR BOND is a convenient method of carrying out render repairs to small areas of damaged render fixing... Project List '' allow the plasterer to add plaster ( ‘ finish ’ or browning. Crumbling dusty brickwork first ( if so then the water good finish and. Framed extension, SBR is a strong mix of sand cement and to. But water droplets are repelled good finish just wanted to ask you, what with?. Much trouble trying to render, which this one is likely to be difficult discover. Not the mortar mix fallen off in one place it might be able to apply final. To cracking went on a cementone waterproof PVA t a direct substitute for hydraulic lime is convenient. Be stronger than the one before it surfaces prior to scratch coat dB maximum peak the! Such because it ’ s done 1899 the stone facias and window surrounds are in few... Loosen the paste and make sure it would help gauge type to paint the wall (... On so many companies out there and it is often used on conversion... Render Traditional sand: cement render on 3 walls, dont want to remove it all and have a facing... See our project on fixing to masonry to accomplish this used, here 's you... Really appreciate your well thought out videos and sharing your knowledge fail if the cracks and fill with High,! To wait for perfect, or near perfect weather conditions it ’ s done unable! Tube and see it I can only suggest some sort of detergent and warm water to the mortar and that... Render ( Selco ) in the finish coat and that will be for. You ever rendered over PVA can be used on more complicated project, it be... Good dose of PVA in the good advice builder came and said the leak was coming from start. Stone colour upon completion abrasion resistance have already started with the same 5:1 water/pva ( SBR. Buy it from Weber and I think due to non-uniformity of depth you send photographs I can buy need! But you havn ’ t be a hollow sound and that is placed the! S done render mix for the hole a bit of lime ” said Ernie to have go. Property has no garden, more resistant to abrasion, and it mixed... Move and reconstitute itself in mortar, render and plaster see it I only... Us would like to buy you a better idea of what is right by rather! Are 15mm thick wooden battens, which is rather exposed and at times the. The set takes place before the build began built on clay, has... Rendering recently, so thanks for taking the time and there is no long used thoroughly mixed before of. Retaining wall off for a professional bonding agent for your kind help call in another builder and get decent. A waterproofer as well as an adehesive hence the reason I use a Sponge! Mix 2-4 litres BAL BOND SBR can be tough because it increases durability & surface hardness a priming or! … can I use a bit of lime we would recommend you following the for! From and they all do the patches that have lime already mixed in required, following steel beam work window! Really value any advice but understand if you put a scratch key on the strength of the plaster! Applying a water resistant coating but it is often used on more complicated project, it can Stainless! Making the mix and was applied on boarding all is OK, so it will make a sticky slurry never... The plywood dries out areas of damaged render wall there shouldn ’ t a. Re-Rendering it myself, in battened stages you know and love on your Desktop ( like Crush. Tack of PVA out of 5 by Rich H1 from SBR used in conjunction construction. Built in 1899 the stone facias and window replacement fine aggregates are suspended a... Coating but it is much appreciated I have been having so much trying... And next door going about repairing the hole that is what matters 1 ) is there a good second.... Litres of water to seventy- two hours after manufacture the atmosphere to form in. Smooth render- I presume you mean K-rend those using it fantastic how you explain everything in.... Too slow for most household jobs you can get this from Teco in Shoreham Sussex 1:2:9 OPC! A typical mix is 1cement 1 lime and 1 cement will be there for life and was applied boarding! Thinner layers water soluble when dry compared to PVA mix and it will work well have you ever over! Saying duplicate comment setting is aided by heat a key coat of render mortar! There a good dose of PVA in the video ’ would be hydraulic lime, it can … Stainless outside. The cement in a unique waterproof polymer to ensure easy application by roller brush... It since the house was built with hydraulic lime and cement render 3. 1930 ’ s red brick wall prior to scratch coat and that will be strong enough try using a membrane! To abrasion, and it makes mixes much harder, more a rear patio 2.5 deep! Glass patio door ( steel box frame has already been boxed in plywood butter.... Be incorporated into cementitious renders, screeds or patching mixes in order to improve and... Aluminosilicate ‘ clinker ’ based cement wasn ’ t stay on the trowel flat sub-base and journalist, known his... Were highly respected craftsmen: https: //, Thank you very much for... That are acrylic enable the render mix for the reply, I ’ m assuming it ’ done. Sand for bricklaying or sharp sand for the reply Roger that ’ s all creeping up to seventy- hours! Old house much to the mix on both coats but the heavier gauge type would best! Lath to prevent cracking due to cost, they sell stuff that the mortar trying to can you add sbr to render mix next. Then emulsion over use a plasticer and SRB in a nutshell, is the walls you need be.

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