Some, like selenite, will dissolve. Several cleansing methods are recommended, they are: 1) Salt Water Suitable crystals can be left to soak in sea water or water mixed with sea salt. I personally like using sound and music when I cleans my crystals. Just place your tools in a container (colanders work well) and submerge them for at least two hours, allowing the healing and restorative powers of water to work their magic. Below is a very basic how-to, when it comes to cleansing your crystals with the Full Moon; 1. One of the most common ways to cleanse your crystals, and the simplest way for beginners, is to use a warm salt bath. Moonlight | In an ideal world, use the light of the full moon because that’s when the moon is at its brightest. Crystals do so much for us that is is important to take special care of our crystalline friends. The salt will pull out any energy from the crystal that should not be there. How-to: Immerse your crystal in the smoke of burning Palo Santo for at least 30 seconds. You must keep your crystal on top of the heap of rice in the bowl. Cleanse Crystals with Water Running water is a wonderful way to recharge and cleanse most any healing gemstone, particularly clean rivers and streams. Crystals used specifically for healing should be cleansed before and after use. Be sure to clean your crystals using clean water afterwards. If you have a crystal that you have just acquired or one that you have been working with, it is a good idea to give it a little energy cleanse. Cleanse your crystals whenever you get new ones and definitely before you use them for the first time. I put on some beautiful (no voice) music CD’s. Crystal therapist, author and instructor of Crystals for Healing: Crystal Therapy in Multi Dimensions, Margaret Loris, will discuss why and how to clean, clear and charge your crystals while by large bodies of water. Cleansing crystals are a great way to help the crystal be in balance. For the ultimate cleanse, use this method after saging your crystals. Why and how to cleanse crystals you use for healing while at the beach or lake this summer is the subject of this short series this week. Leave the crystal in the water for as long as you think it needs. you can use salt water from the ocean or simply put salt in a bowl of water. The pictures of the human form with the look of vibration is awesome. To cleanse crystals with water, submerge them in a bowl of salt water, run them under cold tap water, put them outside during the rain, or secure them in a natural pool of water somewhere. The salt water cleanses the energy from the stones. Salt water. This … Fill a sink with lukewarm water and one or two tablespoons of sea salt. Place your crystals in the saltwater bath and let them soak. DO NOT EAT THE RICE AFTER! Hold your crystals so that they are immersed in salt water. Using dry and uncooked brown rice in a bowl with your crystal in it, will cleanse the healing stone effectively. If you have crystals you’ve owned for years but never cleansed, that’s okay! Collect your crystals together, take them outside in the moonlight and lay them out. I love your video on how the vibration of humans and crystals are changed by sound. Leave the setup for 4 hours or overnight. Visualize the water washing over the crystal taking away any disruptions to its natural state Use sea salt and lightly brush it over the stone using the water to cleanse the salt away *Note not all crystals can withstand water. You may even like to do a crystal grid with them when you lay them out. If you don’t have access to clean water, bury your stone in dirt outside instead.

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