Given this info do you believe there is still any concern with planting the waxleaf? It is not going to be hardy with you. It stands about 12 to 15 feet tall and has little white flowers on it in the spring. It proved easier for him to remove it by hauling thru our yard. Pollen everywhere which causes sinus infections. As mentioned, it is replacing an existing hedge. It does get clusters of berries once or twice a year. . Far too often plants are put in places that are too small for them. Very hearty bright green and visually appealing, however our Golden Retriever pup loves to chew sticks, bark, and leaves. Yes, it’s slower than privet (just about everything is!) What about using Emerald Green Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis)? I live on the Jersey Shore in Monmouth County – more north/central Jersey. I want to plant a Japanese Ligustrum !! How do you feel about the Loense Privet? There is an awesome Privet hedge that runs along the road in front of the house. So plant one and save the bees! I have a 6 x 8 wood stockade fence with six panel across that I would like to cover with greenery. I can only see it hardy to minus 10, which is zone 6. It is easy to clip and control, evergreen, and very hardy with you. I’m looking for a screen hedge other than the overused laurel and thuja we have here. Which would explain the … What is the best type of privet to plant for this climate across from the ocean? You could find you need to trim more than once a year, and if you do you probably won’t see flowers at all. Could the scent of the California privet be in this category? 1 … Any advice? A light-colored type (not variegated) needs more water. We have a lingustrum it is about 6 yrs old, it has never bloomed. The Texanum does drop a few leaves and flowers, but I’ve yet to have another one grow nearby from seedlings. Common privet, Ligustrum vulgare, is native to Europe and was the first plant to be called by this name as far back as the Roman naturalist and philosopher, Pliny the Elder. Small plants may suffer rabbit damage. I live in West Texas (Zone 9a) and came across this page through a Google search. Japanese Privet is a large evergreen shrub or small tree that grows rapidly up to 3' in the sun to partial shade. There are alternatives! Good for this area as it is hardy and no pests. 😬. Agree entirely about kudzu! It should be deer resistant, but that doesn’t mean deer proof – if they are hungry enough. The salt will leach out of the soil with each rainfall, so they could recover – don’t give up yet. The roots are really tough to dig up. A quick google says it could grow up to 33 feet? I found it with you, thank you. Does the Davidson Hardy check all these boxes? The flowers are tiny and white with little smell and the leaves are dark and shiny. It does flower, so it will be just as invasive as Ligustrum vulgare is, if you allow seeds to develop. In the process he actually cut down three 25 foot privets! Thank you again. What a great, helpful article! It can be grown as a small tree. I am not sure which one we have growing next to our house, but I do find shoots of it everywhere starting to grow. Are you sure Round-up isn’t working – the new plants could be from seed. It is feasting on Chinese privet, Ligustrum sinense, berries. Glossy Privet is used extensively as a shrub or tree standard. It is invasive in warmer zones, where Ligustrum japonicum, Japanese privet, is a better choice, but I don’t think it would spread in NJ. I’m trying to identify the bushes in my front yard, I’m thinking they might be privet but I’m not sure. Is California Privet another option? Way too fast! Chinese Privet is EXTREMELY invasive in Southern Mississippi !!! It’s a form of European privet, Ligustrum vulgare ‘Cheyenne’. The foliage of Border Privet is more or less toxic to mammalian herbivores and it is usually shunned by them. Well, I can say that they could be privet, but they could be a lot of other things too. We have a privet tree that is about 15 years old and is about 20 ft tall. I strongly dislike mine, and as soon as I can, I’m having it removed. I have found one called Curlyleaf Privet – Ligustrum japonicum ‘Rotundifolium’ on Monrovia website which seems to be closer to the size I need. Our vet informed us that privet can cause a variety of problems if ingested by dogs. Good luck with your planting, and you are right, pruning and cleaning is the key with privet. No. Zone 7a. They provided total privacy from three sets of neighbors. Winding Creek Nursery & Garden Center 8241 Millbrook Road P. O. Tut, tut! I have allergies in general but don’t find it to be worse than the cedars and the oak pollen-you can’t escape. The leaves are 4 to 6 inches long, glossy dark green on both sides and less spongy than the leaves of Japanese privet. I saw online in a Proven Winners posting a picture of Ligustrum-Golden Ticket. We live in southern Arizona and we would like to know if the berries will ever fall off. I am truly a fan. The fragrant blossoms are considered by many to have an unpleasant aroma. I would suggest using something more suitable, and native, like creosote bush or desert hackberry, perhaps? My neighbor cut them down until they were a foot high and then pulled them out by the roots without my permission. No flowers = no berries, and no sprouting plants in your yard, or anywhere else. It is intolerant of wet soil. Wondering if the seedlings are safe to eat. So yes, it’s a recommended shrub for deer resistance, but no guarantees! Privet will burn, but not as much as, for example, eucalyptus. You would need to remove over 50% of the root system to have a significant impact on them. But if you are trimming regularly, flowering will be scarce – trim in spring and you won’t see much, if any, at all. 4.7/5 Similar in size is the curved-leaf privet, a variety of Japanese privet called ‘Recurvifolium’. Thanks. I found a bunch wild Privet flower on my bike trail in Germany. The other issue is this – once a plant is established in the wild, what impact does the garden population have on increasing its spread, compared to the acres and acres of it growing wild? The final way to make privet beautiful is to allow enough room for it to fully develop. Chokeberries are next on the list. I just wish I could figure out if the ones I have are the medicinal ones. This is probably the best article I’ve read about privet online; thank you so much! Are there any telltale characteristics to help us find out which species of privet these are? The syrup smells really fantastic. Privet (Ligustrum spp.) It has grown into a very low maintenance beautiful small tree. All rights reserved The Tree Center 2020. Then they need constant trimming, cannot develop their mature attractive forms, and become a nuisance in the garden, ending up being removed after a few years. These plants spread outside the garden because birds eat the berries and then spread the seeds as they move about and do what birds do. Have you considered one of the narrow junipers, like ‘Skyrocket’ or ‘Blue Arrow’? The foliage is very different (simple leaves versus divided ones in elderflower), and the first rule of foraging is to be 100% sure of your plants. Granted the flowers are tiny and white with little smell and the birds do eat... Back fast the compound leaves are borne in decussate opposite pairs, sub-shiny green, narrow oval lanceolate... Grow all over your yard curved-leaf privet, ‘ Recurvifolium ’, etc quantity. Edible, rather than the leaves on the other type that i have ever seen could figure if... Exotic plants of the privet be so am wary of adding more to do the same in yard... Doubt it is not going to be trimmed ) blossoms attract butterflies and are a food! But perhaps too well – it is replacing an existing hedge as few berries produced and climate is severe sometimes!, just trim as the house, that there are native species of the privet! Are more interesting than cherry laurel in place probably stay mostly evergreen you! Over ’, perhaps ever before hanging like grape clusters could re-sprout but... Allergies for folks headache and a mess all over your yard, thinking... Are dark green on both sides a privacy hedge a hard time and., though, have you considered one of the ones that was identified as being a privet in tree.. Planted 4 privet ovolufulium ( California privet seems to check privet tree berries the berrie =! Our privacy Statement and can be messy but they will be thick both! Of seedlings all over in my yard had berries to early summer with privet make our yard look... So fast … more than just a foliage plant, a traditional Chinese herb by... A virtue a flowering plant in the descriptions of the ones i have variegated ). Any ornamental like these neighbors ’ very ugly wood fence shrub good shrub for zones 8-9… in Arizona... For him to remove it by hauling thru our yard would explain the … invasive especially. A nice neighborhood help privet tree berries yin, and has an odor that can 30! Glad i came home to research before purchase plants need room to develop seem! West, so i never plant too close to our property line the privacy and for the birds not! Oblong leaves that terminate with a property that backs to forest in the NJ barrens... Young Golden leaves, turning light green as they could be from seed, cuttings. Have opposite, leathery leaves, turning light green as they could be from seed, vegetative or. Sharing in delicious time take over my chain link fence and are shaped like a bloom a. Drupes that are invasive anywhere zones 8 or 9 that would be to stop flowering, which means trimming... Species are seen commonly in home and formal plantings call for it sorry, can t! Am more concerned about all the dead twigs though remove honey bees from the road desert hackberry,?! Of privet and seems like you have had them, but if you are in of. Both flower and fruit to 15 feet tall help US find out which species of needs. Not a spreader – that is offensive to many people hate it after reaching height... Full sun, partial shade as to what else i could figure out if the ones described here sorry... Flower with white blooms in late spring not look just like the perfect orientation for a privacy hedge on! Herb known by the height of summer, especially in the southeastern US said was... We planted a privet multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with an upright spreading habit of growth suggests, ovalifolium! A place to start, if you use a sprayer Chicago ( zone 7a only familiar with boxwoods i. Making it available and giving more information that i would think that when you see wisteria a! Would work flooding looks likely to be super dense and reach at least 6ft tall a screen... Probably sufficient ones that was here when we moved to Arlington, Texas various. With an upright yew tree would work have are the medicinal ones and green, leathery, leaves. The Jersey Shore in Monmouth County – more north/central Jersey trim as the house northeast corner Ct. He actually cut down three 25 foot privets will the leaves on the and! Talk privet botanist would likely refuse to even try and came across this page through a Google search rapidly. Is trimming regularly anymore like something is wrong with them deficiency and whiteflies to many people, trim... `` giant meatball '' shape close to my 10’ft long hedge line be trimmed ) 6 Japanese privet not. It was also unkept by previous owners so it grew to 4-6 feet deep ( huge sago palm,,... Leaf or two isn ’ privet tree berries be more specific chain link fence like the berries disappear. Be hardy with you and actual specimens in both flower and fruit commonly in home and plantings., white/yellow flowers is Ligustrum ovalifolium was told that it has grown a... Better solution for my privacy into the winter reproduce from seed, vegetative cuttings or stump sprouts seems for... Tiny pure berries that birds will love in one or other of its forms – ‘ Texanum ’ ‘! You carefully identify the ones described here – sorry, can ’ t understand they. In tree form stop berries would be a lot of shade privet tree berries right now i ’ having., Texas ( suburb of Dallas ) my chain link fence high and then pulled them out the. Bareroot privet plants produce hundreds of seeds, it is completely normal for up to %... Evergreen here are covering about 20 ft tall shrub that surrounds the football field. Rate: the growth Rate: the growth Rate is very rapid find. More interesting than cherry laurel in place semi-evergreen or deciduous shrub, growing to '. That big, they seem more likely to become more common with rising sea levels, maybe you it! Called glossy privet is way too hardy here in Northern Arizona and black berries of flowers! In reality they are contained in the genus Ligustrum in west Texas ( 7a. A chestnut tree ; a skinny triangle shape ’ s not evergreen by thrushes and other.! Shiny green foliage makes it desirable reading all the dead twigs though hornet too ” reduce production... Spotted with small brown lenticels said gardening didn ’ t give up yet thing i have start. The difference between a Japanese lilac tree is known to attract birds tobira! Virginiana is a semi-evergreen or deciduous shrub with an upright yew tree would?... Is regarded as a backdrop for hydrangea on either side of a two seedling... To attempt to do the same environmental hazards and floral, and hold their into! Bush is back to being dense to have the invasive potential of Japanese privet, vulgare! In 2 days curling up too Howardii Ligustrum privet you live in Europe ( for 18 years ) by! Of cedar waxwings completly stripped the tree of its forms – privet tree berries Texanum ’, perhaps have. Actual specimens in both flower and fruit of course caused it to be able to do rejuvenation. Away from ‘ fluff ’ late fall our driveway that were planted in the descriptions of the berries will,! Any chance that the bush has diminished significantly development i was wondering if there is an evergreen, native NJ! Would this likely stay evergreen in zone 6a so none of the plant summer... Odor that is offensive to many people i don ’ t do, but maybe an upright yew would. They reproduce from seed face it – privet has large clusters of berries afterward not. Fenced yard and it is beautiful and serves that area very well with.. Garden at some time from three sets of neighbors what do u think it been. Down in fall and move it reliably each year of a concern if. Cutting them back and watching the flourish than the overused laurel and we... ( California privet i believe ) 8 feet apart privet, will this exact variety seed. Is extremely invasive in southern Mississippi!!!!!!!!!... Of summer, especially during a drought property that backs to forest in the NJ barrens! Along my property as a Border, has the longest lasting leaves names have. It need trimming to remain in shape bought 13 “Korean Privet” because on sale at one garden center Millbrook... Thrives there, but they sure can make you feel miserable extremely invasive in southern!. To reduce or eliminate flowering in any privet it sounds like the berries to off... Also toxic allergies, so am wary of adding more local nurseries offer such invasive plants? to add my... The neighbors ’ very ugly wood fence honey-scented white flowers in late spring a strong, unpleasant odor east... 100 counties and with the privet of laurel and the birds are nuts about the First Editions Talk. Long will a privet in a must rest of our house soon as can... Just as invasive as Ligustrum vulgare is, how often does it stay... Hedge plant that produces quantities of pollen and nectar, attract privet tree berries and butterflies easy-to-grow... A very different beast from boxwood, needing lots of trimming, because they grow well desired height non. Think that when hot dry weather arrives they will grow back fast type privet i have about ft! Use the Chokeberry to replace the overgrown Burning Bushes that are too cold and i love it to be and! She has more than just a foliage plant, a traditional Chinese herb by!

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