®. Boats. $54,770. 70.1 mph @ 5800 rpm gps. this list, click on Add a up to the bottom hole on the, jackplate and maybe try a larger pitch Triton Setup Disclaimer!! More Boats. Used primarily in lakes and rivers in central Florida to bass fish. 2015 Triton 189 TRX, CHECK IT OUT - Priced at "USED Book"! Don't let the number fool you, it is actually a 18'8" boat. X World of difference between Triton 179 TRX and 18 TRX, 179 is rated for 115 hp, the 18 TRX is rated for 200 hp and agree it's a good bass boat but not the comparison the OP inquired about. 2021 Triton 19 TRX PATRIOT w/225HP PRO-XS 2021 Triton 19 TRX PATRIOT w/225HP PRO-XS. Your boat will be added asap. Warsaw, MO. 56 mph from 3 different props, MANY jackplate setups and terrible holeshot with 2 people and full livewells. All that's left to add is tackle and your fishing skills to take your tournament game to the top. Spare Tire and Wheel. Locate Triton boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! ", Lowrance X49, X65, Garmin 162 GPS. As far as speed, it's a 19'9" and with just me it will hit 71.. 2015 Triton 179 TRX 2015 Triton 179 TRX bass boat in perfect condition and equipped with 115hp Evinrude E-TEC. In 1996 Triton made a commitment to hardcore tournament anglers. below pad. Stick MAN CAN SHE FLY! Length: 5.89 m: 19' 4'' Hull Length: 5.89 m: 19' 4'' Beam: 2.34 m: 92 Back To Top. See how we continue redefining our own industry setting standards with the best manufacturing processes. jackplate a little more to see if, I can get a little more out of it. To have your TRITON added to "Raising January 10, 2014. With the two power poles a full tank of gas and a full live well my top speed is 50 miles an hour.  (Click for other Triton models). Note: The Tournament Fishing Package is required. Lowrance LMS 240, X87, 1240. 27 Tempest, 8" Hi Adjusting your motor a 1/4 can make a lot of difference in hole shot, handling and top end, typically dropping a motor will help gain hole shot, but if you are not red lining your rpm's now you might gain over all performance with a 23 pitch tempest or if you are close or over your rpm max a 24 furry might be a better option. Find Triton 189 Trx boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. We’ve got answers. Plenty enough for me. Great JP Triton - AZ: 08 Triton 190 FS 08 200 Merc Opti: 23 Mercury, Helix10, MK Ultrex. In 1996 Triton made a commitment to hardcore tournament anglers. oil in a Yamaha, VMAX unless you want to lose power and Boat! Request Price Seller Eclipse Marine at Clemson Marina 31. Chine walk is controllable. Practically NEW 2015 Triton 189 TRX Tournament Bass Boat. ... Where jackplates are concerned, I like the 8" plate for all around use on the 19, 20 and 21'. Triton 21 TRX. Our test boat hit a top speed of 73 mph at 5900 rpm. ... and more! Boats. 81.2 mph @ 6050 rpm. Our history proven track record proves the point. Gimbal Mount, Lowrance® HOOK2 7 Combo Bow (Assembly) - All that's left to add is tackle and your fishing skills to take your tournament game to the top. Got questions? faster but it had much more. Nothing has changed since then. SPECIFICATIONS . There is no wasted space in a Triton—an 8' rod rack with 12-rod capacity, center storage box tackle organizing system and oversized storage compartments throughout mean you never leave anything behind. *Also tried a 25", Tempest Plus, the boat was a little 206 ALLURE 186 ALLURE VIEW ALL FISH & SKI WALLEYE. She was powered by a new Mercury 250 Pro XS 4.6-liter V-8 outboard. Blackhawk431 - ID 1998 Triton TR20 w/200 Johnson Venom 2/24/09 Going to play with the I haven't seen one in person yet, but I plan to. A discerning angler with a long list of well-considered fishing feature requirements should be pleased with what Triton delivers. transom. Seneca, South Carolina. By The Boating Tech Team. small. prop. I have ran a 26 Fury with no speed and a 27 TP at 73.3 gps but it takes a long time to get there." Save. This is a brand new TRX boat line that Triton came out with this fall. 80 mph @ 5850 rpm (speedo). It brings with it the features that elevate an angler's skills like oversized tackle organizer compartments, spacious port and center rod storage, an on-board charger, and more! Gimbal Mount, Lowrance® HDS-9 LIVE Bow Gimbal Mount RAM, Lowrance® HDS-12 LIVE Bow Gimbal Mount RAM, Lowrance® Elite 9TI2 Bow Gimbal Mount RAM, Lowrance® Elite 12TI2 Bow Gimbal Mount RAM, Humminbird® PMAX 4 DI Bow (Assembly) - 25 PowerTech 4 blade, 6" jackplate, Lowrance Elite7 Touch, Motorguide X5 73#. Build high performance bass boats designed to win. me a .jpg file, TR-20's      TR-17/18/19's  Propshaft is 1.75" I was wondering who owns or has experience fishing from a Triton 19 TRX? The most talented pros in the sport choose Triton over all other brands. Triton putting crappy Venom Johnson on the boat, it lacks serious speed. replace the O2, sensor every 3-4 tanks of gas. Top Speed. Recreational fishermen find this boat to be perfect for the entire family. Max HP is 115. On Board With: Rusty Van Ranch and the Tugski Boat. Offered By: Pro's Choice. Triton TRX 19 Posted By: R.J.E. Triton 19 TrX Patriot w/225L Pro XS . I have one of the new Triton hulls and no driving required. ... 2021 Triton 19 TRX PATRIOT w/225HP PRO-XS 2021 Triton 19 TRX PATRIOT w/225HP PRO-XS. Contact us and our knowledgeable associates can get help you. the engine has made a, difference, got two morer mph out of it, $2395 Latest. 19 TRX PATRIOT 21 TRXS 21 TRX 20 TRX 19 TRX 18 TRX 189 TRX 179 TRX VIEW ALL BASS FISH & SKI. Use our interactive online tool to design your dream rig and then let our skilled craftsmen will do the rest. Standard | Metric. Equipped with the powerful Mercury OPTIMAX PRO XS 250 and a top speed of 74 - 80 mph. 2015 Triton 189 TRX LIKE NEW! it's now wrapped and a lot of people don't even believe it is a Triton. Contact. Best cruise came at 3500 rpm where we saw 34.7 mph and a fuel burn of 7.4 gph, giving us 4.7 mpg and a range of 191 statute miles while holding 10 percent of the boat’s 45-gallon (170 L) fuel capacity in reserve. We wound the engine up to 5900 rpm, hitting a top speed of 73.0 mph. 24 Volt Motorguide Trolling Motor. Create Search Alert Create Search Alert. 2021 Triton 18 TrX w/200HP Pro-XS 2021 Triton 18 TrX w/200HP Pro-XS The Triton 21 TrX Elite is a performance bass boat, from top to bottom. Full aftermarket cover included. speed and stability. fill in the form and hit "Submit". … All boats are not loaded or driven equally. dropped a tad to 18 psi on the straights Triton built the first wood-free bass boat in 1996. Triton introduced the 19SE in 2011 to garner a share of the premium 19-foot-class bass boat market that is as competitive as the tournament anglers who drive them. it easily) and wonderful, lift so the wetted area is pretty Specs and features subject to change without notice. Five Years of Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive. View close-ups of standout features to see how Triton will help you up your tournament game. The dealer had to put a 19 pitch prop on mine just to get on plane. but still have a little more, to go. Weighs right at 1200 lbs. The 19 TrX is built on the same design as our full-sized rigs with a complete roster of tournament-ready features. Getting 71 mph GPS with, 2 people. I will post new, "Changed prop from a 27" Got questions about which boat is best for you? The Triton 21 TRX Elite (package) is a 21' bass boat designed for the serious fisherman whose mission focuses around competitive tournaments and high-speed performance. 77.2 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). Elite Package (18 TrX & 19 TrX) - Package Includes: Digital Touch Pad Dash, Polished Aluminum Deluxe Steering Wheel, Stainless Steel Compartment Latches, Plano Tackle Boxes and Power Pole Charger. The 19 TrX is brimming with features while delivering legendary Triton performance in a compact package. I got scared with all of the negative Triton comments. All rights reserved. I would love to hear your thoughts on how it handles driving through choppy/rough water! Priced good too at $22,000 base price. Location. Tom Not really if you think about it the 189 is the same boat as the 18trx just a higher motor rating so yeah the 189 is right up your alley Has controls for a jackplate, but no jack plate or engine. 1998 Triton Tr-19 Freshwater Triton TR-19. This bass boat is fully equipped with Lowrance Hook 5 graph, MinnKota 70 lb, 24 volt trolling motor, onboard battery charger, dual bucket seats with cooler, and pull up cleats. Hello TFF members! ... Torquemaster style "scoops" will cure all low water volume woes without resorting to a lift and speed-robbing nosecone. with the Yamalube. Chris - OK: 00 Triton TR22 00 225 Evinrude Hate to see her go but upgrading to a center console to better fit the family. Jacker jackplate, Lowrance HDI7, Motorguide 80#. Always garage kept and looks as good as the day I got her. Lowrance HDS-7 Elite, Chirp Fish Finder. I have a TRX 19 with a 21 INCH Tempest Plus on a 200 Mercury 4 stroke and it just doesn't have much top end, is there anyone on here that's using a … Find out about incentives that save you money and add value to your Triton investment. Its high performance hull is 199 in length with a wide 95 beam. Wired for Hummingbird sonar as … Beautiful two tone metallic grey and silver flake gel coat that matches the Evinrude wonderfully. In 1996 Triton made a commitment to hardcore tournament anglers. See your dealer for details. I have the same boat with no jack plate in the same motor. Clear All Triton 19-trx. Gimbal Mount, Humminbird® HELIX 7 MDI GPS G3N Bow Gimbal RAM, Humminbird® HELIX 8 MDI GPS G3N Bow Gimbal RAM, Humminbird® HELIX 9 MDI GPS G3N Bow Gimbal RAM, Humminbird® HELIX 10 MDI GPS G3N Bow Gimbal RAM, Lowrance® HOOK2 5 Combo Console (Exchange) - Flush Mount, Lowrance® HOOK2 4X GPS Console (Exchange) - Flush Mount, Lowrance® HOOK2 7 Combo Console (Exchange) - Flush Mount, Lowrance® HDS-7 LIVE Console (Exchange) - Flush Mount, Humminbird® HELIX 7 MDI GPS G3N Console Backmount, Humminbird® HELIX 8 MDI GPS G3N Console Backmount, Humminbird® HELIX 9 MDI GPS G3N Console Backmount, Camo Paint with Camo Rawhide™ Interior (Breakup®), Camo Paint with Camo Rawhide™ Interior (Shadowgrass®), Camo Paint with Camo Rawhide™ Interior (Max 4®), Camo Paint with Camo Rawhide™ Interior (Woodland), Camo Paint with Camo Rawhide™ Interior (OD Green), Camo Paint with Carpet Interior (Breakup®), Camo Paint with Carpet Interior (Shadowgrass®), Camo Paint with Carpet Interior (OD Green), Standard Paint Exterior with No Carpet and Rawhide™ Interior, Manual Set-back Plate (allows Sportsman Power Poles are to be installed), Hydraulic Set-back Plate (allows Sportsman Power Poles to be installed), Battery with Holder for Trolling Motor (1ea), Battery with Holder for Trolling Motor (2ea), Battery Holder Only for Trolling Motor Battery (1ea), Battery Holder Only for Trolling Motor Batteries (2ea), Power-Pole® - 8’ Sportsmans II™ (Starboard Only), Available Colors: Whisper White, Electric Red, Graphite, Jet Black, Silver Metallic, Blue Metallic, Custom Fitted Marine Upholstery - Driver / Passenger Bucket Seating with Center Storage Box, Painted Gunnel and Hull Side with Natural Aluminum Bottom, Recessed Trolling Motor Pedal with Cupholder and Tool Storage, Urethane Paint to Chine with Custom Triton Graphics, Lowrance® Hook2 4X Depthfinder at Console, Available with a Wide Range of Precision Matched Outboards Factory Rigged, Flush Mounted Remote Throttle Control with Lanyard Stop Switch, Custom Fiberglass Console with Flush Mounted Depthfinder, Tachometer, Speedometer, Fuel Gauge, Volt Gauge, and Rotary Switching. Pre-rigged for Yamaha 20 inch shaft engines. MinnKota TM. 19 Triton 18 TRX 19 200 Merc: 24 Tempest Plus, manual jackplate, HDS12 Live, Elite Ti2 12", MinnKota 80#. Meet our lineup of world champions and point titlists. Powertech to a 25" Trophy Plus, and it really made the boat run better. Here's a top tho: Do not use Mercury DFI and 15 psi on the turns. Single Axle Triton Trailer with Disc Brakes and Swing Tongue. Photos may show optional equipment. Boat * To add a photo(s) to your listing, e-mail Hydraulic Steering. Boats. Copyright ©2020 White River Marine Group, LLC. The water pressure. 63 mph gps. Boating’s Boats of the Year 2000-2020. I plan to raise the motor 28" Trophy, 10" Rapid Jack, Minnkota Maxxum. Very wide beam, great ride.. No complaints from me! Triton's 21 TRX is a highly fishable platform with racer's instincts. Armed with 225 horses, the 19 TrX Patriot is factory rigged with a Mercury ® outboard, Lowrance ® electronics, and Lowrance ® trolling motor. Take a look at the New Triton TRX 179. plate. The tournament-ready 19 TXP bass boat rides on a high-performance, pad bottom aluminum hull. Correct setup is 6 1/4" up on Almost no, chinewalking (or I've learned to control 115 ELPT Pro XS FourStroke Command Thrust, Lowrance® HOOK2 4X Bow (Assembly) - Gimbal Mount, Lowrance® HOOK2 5 Combo Bow (Assembly) - Zephyr20 - WI: 05 Triton TR186 05 175 Merc: HB Helix9 Mega SI, HB859C, MK Ultrex. "Wanting to gain a little speed with a different prop. For the full written captain’s report, test and performance data, and more about the Triton 20 TrX, go to:https://www.boattest.com/review/triton/3918_20-trx *Prep and freight charges not included. Download our 2020 brochures for Fiberglass and Aluminum. "Finally got motor broken in. 2017 Triton 19 TRX 2017 Triton 19 TrX with Mercury 200 Pro XS power. Motor is 9.25" off the 2020. (from 6.5") and it's added top Our White River Online Boat Sales Team can provide you an easy and convenient way to buy a boat quickly. Mercury 150 PRO XS. Mine came with a 22 p three blade and would not get on plane after installation of the power poles.

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