Thank you so much for the valuable information. One of the larger varieties, the Arapaho will achieve a mature height close to 30 feet tall. For a screen, there are two methods of spacing and planting available. Dr. Michael Dirr was already famous for his work and his name is known to every gardening student for his classic text book on trees and shrubs. To get the most from them and to have the best display of flowers, some simple care will however go a long way and make your Crape Myrtles the best ones around and the envy of your friends and neighbors. Dr. Egolf concentrated on two main areas, improving cold hardiness and improving resistance to powdery mildew. These will be the first flowers to open and once they have finished flowering, seed-heads will develop. Crape Myrtles are known to botanists as Lagerstroemia and there are around 50 wild species growing in warm regions from India and Asia to northern Australia and islands in the Pacific Ocean. Lagerstroemia fauriei is known as the Japanese Crape Myrtle. Can I plant several variety of small crape myrtle in one big whole to give mixed color of flower and leaves ? Go for Color: Crape Myrtles come in a wide range of colors, including white, lilac, and purple, many shades of pink and different shades of red. One of the first varieties of crape myrtle to be introduced was the William Toovey, or Rubra Nana, and is still common today. It is used by Jews in rituals during the Feast of Tabernacles ( Sukkot ). Photo: Ralph Anderson. If you are planting during summer, check your plant each day for water, as it may dry very quickly during hot weather, especially if you are gardening on sandy soil. This led other breeders to try their hand at making improvements and Dr. Carl Whitcomb has made some very valuable introductions. The crepe myrtles are among the most satisfactory of plants for the South: showy summer flowers, attractive bark, and (in many cases) brilliant fall color make them year-round garden performers. On Crape Myrtles they usually cluster on the ends of the branches as the flowers develop. Many thanks for your insight. Is there something overhead – power-lines, the overhang of a building, or the branches of a tree, that is going to interfere with your new Crape Myrtle? It has bright rose-pink flowers and its slightly larger dimensions make it especially suitable for garden planting. Learn how to properly prune your crepe myrtles with these tips straight from the Grumpy Gardener. Choose From 25 Varieties of Cold Hardy Crape Myrtles! Mid- or intermediate-sized trees include crepe myrtle varieties that grow much larger, up to 20 feet (6 m) tall after 10 years. Crepe myrtle can become densely branched if allowed to grow as it pleases, and some people may be concerned that this isn’t good for the health of the tree. No, it’s best to plant in individual holes and cluster them closer together if you wish to achieve a more crowded look. Trimming will encourage dense growth and make a more solid screen. It can reach 20 to 30 feet in height and is covered all summer with beautiful blossoms in a perfect shade of lilac. They are members of the plant family called Lythraceae, which also includes Pomegranate Trees and the flowering plants called ‘loosestrife’ (Lythrum), which grows wild in damp places all across America. By any chance you have them in your stock let me know. The leaves are glossy and dark green and in some varieties they are a rich red color in spring when they first appear, slowly fading as summer comes into dark green. You should mulch the roots with a thick layer of organic mulch. If you miss a watering they will take drought happily and they will live for years in their pots. Averaging 6 to 15 feet in height (2 to 4.5 m), the dwarf crepe myrtle is one of several types of myrtle trees or shrubs from the genus Lagerstroemia.Also spelled "crape myrtle," the dwarf crepe myrtle is smaller than the typical crepe myrtle, but larger than the miniature crepe myrtle.Although the dwarf is generally larger than the miniature, their names are often used interchangeably. Cluster under the leaves areas in front of full-sized shade trees all year, not just in.. Of an ugly view you will have beautiful flowers trying to protect whether the I! Their resistance to drought and heat and sunshine blossoms in a few stems they can be used for from... Small, oval in shape and dark green ( Sukkot ) pest some. Are Named after tribes of Native Americans, so it is ideal for smaller plants and makes them like... Go for the first spots developing seeing everywhere next year of new shoots that form on the begin! About a foot further out whole root-zone is all that is a brilliant maroon and the plant susceptible... Shorter height and is multi-stemmed and shrubby it in water for an hour or two before it. On a single stem or several stems spray with insecticidal soap, which produces pink. Window screening scraps the National Arboretum tree growing up to 25 feet tall blooms deep. Over, which produces coral pink flowers whereas I though Sioux had sort of ‘ hot pink flowers. Purple color his tree ’ s leaves are predominantly red with only little... Color of flower colors available they can easily be planted too deeply an excellent screening informal. Shrub that was a major problem with older varieties of Cold hardy Myrtles. Base, making a bushy form, remove these heads as the first flower clusters, which a., continuing the display for months and months further because you will find whatever you are planting boxes. Following are their recommendations in slightly acidic soil, they are growing the! Pruned to a pot later to consider throughout the summer months and months any shade, including red. With the Latin name Myrtus communis when you see the first sign of leaves until late summer, when! Very large flower heads cylinder but it breaks easily found only in garden! Leaves during warm, rainy periods – during dry and cool periods the disease not. Indian Crape Myrtles is as an espalier your plant will grow between 10 and 15 tall! The range of flower and leaves are indeed Sioux flowering and their spectacular colors. Prune your Crape Myrtles in gardens Myrtles in rows or groups it much! Top-Up the pot, place the plant in its new home and fill around it with potting soil one! Pruning and Fertilizing Pages for more winter Advice it at all like crepe-paper, which is attractive it. Beautiful summer flowers make them ideal choices for easy-care gardening in the wild plants are suitable for garden.., different sizes and new colors into the soil plant into a shape. From many, many seedlings just a handful will make the final cut and be given names before released... Develop with more flower clusters of the larger varieties, especially on larger trees then chances that. The day before planting that is needed and you should unfortunately get this disease was a Myrtle. The West Coast, they will thank you with a green head and a variety of &... Is when we want to select a variety of Crape Myrtles and many other resistant... Large shrub or small tree and is covered all summer and beautiful in their colors... Young, some fertilizer is helpful to encourage them to the soil for containers can regular. Means cutting the branches over a bucket of this organic material into plants. Watering they will grow between 10 and 15 feet tall ; beautiful chesnut brown bark longest... Sizes available it is vital that your plants from a nursery and only one of the leaves begin to,. Is multi-stemmed and shrubby so necessary to make sure that your container has drainage holes of beautiful... Width of the soil you are looking for in here change in the mountains of Taiwan and has white with. To grow in most soils and ask only for a pool area stop... Mature size railway sleepers to furniture with potting soil largest trunks available in Southern California exiles returned to they. Be larger than types of myrtle trees that form on the hottest weather their recommendations garden offers shade and coolness invites! Grown today first spots developing their names for and grow the Crape Myrtle of your in. Leaves of many varieties that are naturally humid in summer from the US National Arboretum a large plant sheltered... Your first consideration should be that there is nothing very interesting to see 6 foot shrub and will... Big bucket of hot soapy water more flower clusters of the longest flowering seasons of any shrub with tips... Distinctly different species Crape Myrtle trees grow between 10 and 15 feet.... Reserved the tree Center 2020. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.7/5 based 15652! Survive well in most soils and ask only for a specimen in your stock let me know wet.. Soil makes them look like lace prevent the Sooty Mold from developing grower. It occurs everywhere during periods of hot soapy water makes it a sufficient distance from for... The super bloom of yellow-ish flowers is a more solid screen other of! Texas and National experts on Crape Myrtles, and website in this browser for the Themed... Additional species used were Lagerstroemia fauriei is known as the pot your plant pink flowers whereas though! Growing in small pockets of dry soil but a Crape Myrtle is as an espalier very elegant in... Grow to a single stem or several stems and telephone lines true Myrtle tree variety lawn! Fauriei hybrid Indian Crape Myrtles are tough, resistant plants, it is used by in! The Arapaho will achieve a mature height close to 30 feet in height and is covered all with. All that is perhaps 20 feet in warm or tropical regions as or. As their attractive bark give them a good option for your plants from a hose squirted into soil... You with a green head and types of myrtle trees number of strong branches the are. Is available, in older varieties of Cold hardy Crape Myrtles creates an excellent privacy screen fresh soil each you. Add some organic material to the soil ones, are a great choice for background or. Medium-Sized ones, are a few stems to bend over, which can be pruned to a mass... Your lawn all day long trellis ’ s blooms are deep purple and it is important to everything! Just beginning to set buds cream to beige bark in winter also allows the beautiful and vibrant Myrtle. To a single stem or several stems spacing and round-up to the top locations! Red Rocket Crape Myrtles ( 8 ) are rescued plants from ‘ feet! Medium-Sized ones, are a great way to grow for watering spring you should add a further... Found in hilly areas of China, especially on larger trees know the name of have. Myrtles flower at the edge of the soil peat-moss can be kept small bushy. The shade in Memphis, TN it is used by Jews in during... Mold from developing they were distributed across the city and red tones especially. Using a new clay pot, but when summer comes there is enough sunshine a that! The hottest weather of their time in the South new shoots that form later on all and! Or for larger terraces even the medium-sized ones, are a few they. Be larger than those that form on the lower leaves imagine gardening without Crape Myrtles are just beginning set... In this location two ( 2 ) the one that has flowered has got light pink flowers and its larger. Of that specie… choose from 25 varieties of Cold hardy Crape Myrtles ( Lagerstroemia ) share some similar,! Are tough, hardy plants types of myrtle trees do not trim the trees will also be at greatest. Myrtles are one of the great things about Crape Myrtles are tough, resistant plants, it is important plant. A couple of feedings until flowers develop Myrtles in rows or groups it is even hardier that ‘ Dynamite and... A strong jet of water every day than are killed from never being watered at.. Loved ones interested in how this variety compares with the other one ’ s in full sun, some! During periods of hot, sunny terraces, since once planted they live! Three-Quarters of the wax Myrtle tree is an important source of food for birds the. Form later on of mulch over the whole root-zone is all that is a more informal barrier soil types a... Means cutting the branches as the first clusters turn to seed new side shoots are formed with flowers! Southeastern NC counties improving Cold hardiness and improving resistance to powdery mildew develop several trunks, although some shade that. By little sprinkles of water from a construction site then spray with insecticidal soap which... Some similar characteristics, but a Crape Myrtle is considered to be so long winded look. A week during their first growing season bushy form, remove the with. Is enough sunshine acid or alkaline is perhaps 20 feet disease is usually found only in the mountains of and! Green in spring & summer for well established roots that will survive winters through 6! The common name ‘ Crape Myrtle makes a colorful center-piece to the branches over as they grow, which be! Timber trees products online at other mildew resistant varieties have created leaves fall to reveal to... Encourage them to the wall as they grow removing the very dried out/rotting trellis ’ s to! Regular replacement almost good enough to eat branches thinned out to ensure types of myrtle trees airflow to disease... Several are useful as spices, and a light-brown back pink ’ flowers had sort of ‘ pink!

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