Succulent Plants 12-Pack, Fully Rooted in Planter Pots with Soil - Real Live Potted Succulents, Hand Selected Randomly Variety Pack of Mini Succulents (12 Pack) 4.1 out of 5 stars 1,228 $16.99 - $39.99 A collection of five assorted Haworthia in three-inch pots is available on Amazon. The Best Succulent Planters for a Fun and Funky Container Garden 1. Where once a succulent garden was rarely seen, and that as a special cactus arrangement to the side of a ranch-style home, succulent arrangements are today found just about anywhere: indoors patios, office environments, office buildings, by a pool side, front-walk entrances, outdoor … Here’s how to choose the best outdoor succulents: 1. There are so many options out there when it comes to the best succulent pots. This pale blue succulent rosette grows quite quickly outdoors on the ground, without stems. 25 Catchy Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas. Here are 15 of the best ones out there in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Unless you live in the warmest parts of the country, you'll want to plant your outdoor succulents in pots that can be moved inside once the mercury drops. 9. Choosing outdoor succulents for your garden might be tricky, but you can approach this process with a methodical, strategic technique. Outdoor Structures Home Remodeling Plumbing Installations & Repairs ... (Sedum morganianum) is a trailing succulent that looks best in a hanging basket or container sitting on a ledge or shelf so it can drape over. Each stem can reach up to three feet long and is packed with gray-green leaves about the size and shape of a plump grain of rice. Top a fence or wall with planter boxes and let succulent plants grow upward and trail downward to soften the structure and add visual interest where it was lacking before. 7. Celine Cast Stone . The vast majority of succulents won't survive a frost.With the exception of a few extra-hardy varieties-such as hens and chicks, which go dormant in freezing temperatures-outdoor succulents will die once cold weather moves in. An outdoor succulent garden isn’t just for warm climates! It’s also suitable for containers, where new pups will eventually hang over the rims, and indoors. These succulents love filling in cracks in concrete walls and do well in rock gardens. Choose carefully, and you can fill your garden with succulents that complement one another, helping to create an even more stunning outdoor space. Grow this succulent outdoors year-round in zones 9 to 11, or in containers that may be moved indoors for winter. Lithops and Pleospilos Nelii succulents come in many various colors, from … While durable enough for outdoor use, these pots have no drainage holes, so be sure to keep them in a sheltered area. ... Succulents come in a variety of sizes, from tiny plants best showcased in containers to showstopping large-scale beauties, and in a variety of colors from pale green to purple. They ship thousands of succulents each week , to every state in the US, all year long. Check houseplants in spring, and repot as needed to maintain adequate space for expanding and multiplying rosettes. Senecio mandraliscae Succulent wreaths made from succulent plants require little water and are a great way to decorate your outdoor spaces. Our step-by-step instructions will help you create your own beautiful succulent accent piece to add your front door. It's easy to mix succulents in an array of types and colors to craft an eye-pleasing tableau of textures and hues. The drought-tolerant outdoor succulent plants won’t need to be watered constantly, as other garden plants would. Campania International Celine Planter. While there are plenty of gorgeous succulent gardens in sunny southern California, it’s harder to come by outdoor succulent gardens in four season climates, like Utah. See what you can do in four season climates with succulents in the ground. The 15 Best Pots for Your Succulents Indoor & Outdoor. They can handle full sun or partial shade. Find out the 10 things you shouldn’t make with pallets. The Succulent Source is a small family-owned nursery (perhaps the best online succulent nursery) in Southern California, and have been selling succulents & cacti for 15 years.