In the constipation the straining is often ineffectual. Die mehrjährige Pflanze bevorzugt feuchte und nährstoffreiche Böden, in denen die große Wurzelknolle genügend Platz findet und viel Wasser speichern kann. Pesquise Matérias Médicas. Severe pains when coughing. Or the face is red and burning, "red spots on the face and neck;" "hot, bloated, red face.". It is a gouty constitution with kidney troubles, so that after overheating or overexertion he gets pain in the back. "Burning in urethra, when not urinating;" relieved by passing urine. There is an extreme state of irritability in Bryonia; every word which compels him to answer a question or to think will aggravate him. "Aphthx." Reliable, methodical. In Rhus patients complaints are worse from drinking cold water when heated. "Tearing, stitching toothache while eating;" from warm drinks, from warm foods, worse in a warm room, wants cold foods in the mouth, wants to be in cold air, but worse from motion. Asthmatic attacks from becoming overheated. If the liver is involved, there is fullness in the side, stitching pain over the liver, and the face is yellow, it is not impossible for Bryonia to be indicated, for it has such things; but with pain very severe, continually going from the front to the back through the right shoulder-blade, Chelidonium is more likely to cure than Bryonia. Materia médica de Lathoud en audio; Sobre salud. will be suitable. In the Bryonia headaches, as well as rheumatic attacks, if he can perspire freely, he will get relief. "Constant disposition to sigh," but cannot because it hurts him so. You can read the full book here. Kent; Clark; Remedy; Therapeutics. Both mental and bodily quietness is required, that is, he wants to keep still. The heat of the room is oppressive, yet heat applied is agreeable. Généralement maigre, sec, nerveux, aux cheveux noirs. The stomach has lost its ability to digest, and hence he has an aversion to all food. Less rapid in its action than Aconite, it goes deeper in its effects, and often … The aggravation after eating is in keeping with the Bryonia state in general. Simple. "Headache after washing himself with cold water when face was sweating." Thus you see modalities indicate and contraindicate remedies. This is a field for the complaints of Bryonia. This is commonly relieved by heat, although the patient himself wants to lie in a cool room. There is the distinction between the two, and yet they look alike if not examined into carefully. Soreness of the abdomen, but the flow does not come, or is postponed a good many days after violent exertion; scanty urine and suppression of menses in plethoric girls. Anxiety, confusion of mind, fear, etc., are ameliorated from being cool. Bryonia affects especially the constitution of a robust, firm fiber and It has also a diarrhoea that drives the patient out of bed in the morning; i. e., on first beginning to move in bed he begins to feel nauseated, he is bloated and distended with colic, and he has urging to go to stool; or a little while after getting up and moving about the bowel is distended causing colic, and he must hurry to stool. The throbbing is seldom felt until lie moves. Irritable. Settle in your mind as to what it was that caused it. The Bryonia patient sits up and holds the head, or holds the chest; presses both hands upon the chest when coughing, feels as if the chest would fly to pieces when coughing; pains in the chest on both sides, but mostly the right side. The parts become hot and inflamed, and at last he is down with rheumatism. There are pains so violent that he cannot keep still, and yet when he moves he screeches from the pain. Wild Hops Bryonia cura la disentería con todo el tenesmo que es posible imaginar, con dolor en el abdomen, con secreciones sangrientas y mucosas. The general character of the pain here produced is a stitching, tearing; worse by motion, better rest. Other names for this homeopathic remedy: Bryonia, Bry., Bryonia cretica, Bryonia dioica, rotbeerige Zaunrübe, Zaunrübe, rotbeerige. Bryonia patients are nearly always worse from visitors. It is common for Bryonia to be ameliorated from cool air, and from cool applications. Bryonia patient is irritable; has vertigo from raising the head, pressive headache; dry, There is a feature worthy of consideration because it sometimes makes a case appear inconsistent. Acts on all serous membranes and the viscera they contain. Bryonia cures dysentery with all the tormina and tenesmus possible to imagine, with pain in the abdomen; with bloody and mucous discharges. "Pressing, crushing pains in eyes." The Bryonia patient is subject to amenorrhoea, or the flow is suppressed upon the slightest provocation. From overexertion- and becoming overheated, threatened abortion. These atmospheric changes should be thoroughly considered in relation to our Materia Medica. You go to a child who is being carried in the arms of the nurse and wants one toy after another; you get the toy he wants and he does not want it and will throw it back at you. If due to septicaemia rather than to suppression of the sweat, very commonly a deeper acting remedy is required. During confinement a woman becomes overheated and naturally perspires; just at the close of it as the delivery takes place, if the nurse and the doctor do not observe and throw more clothing over her, or at least keep the room warm enough, there will be sudden suppression of the sweat, and this will bring on milk fever and other febrile symptoms which will need Bryonia. will begin at 3 and run on towards midnight, but Bryonia will begin at 9 P. m. and run on through the night. The liver, especially the right lobe, lies in the hypochondrium like a load, with soreness and tenderness to pressure, and he cannot move. Full of fear, anxiety, despair of recovery, great despondency. At the beginning of complaints you go to the bedside of a patient who has been grumbling a few days; something is evidently coming on; the family meet you at the door and say, "The patient is almost unconscious ;" you look at him, the face is puffed and purplish, he seems to be dazed, there appears to be a sort of venous stasis all over the body, but especially about the face; his countenance is almost that of an imbecile, yet he is perfectly capable of talking, although he has an aversion to it and appears to outsiders to ignore everything that is said. The mental state of Bryonia is usually relieved from cool air, he wants the windows open. Gastric inflammatory affections and disordered stomach, gastric affections in young girls from suppression of the menstrual flow, gastritis, gastroenteritis. "Constitutional tendency to aphthous formations in the throat," little white spots in the throat. This is the studying of remedies by their modalities, for modalities sometimes constitute strong generals. Bryonia has another kind of diarrhoea. Great soreness in the trachea; rawness and tightness in the trachea, even suffocation, like Phosphorus. Works hard for security. Every menstrual period is associated with marked congestion of the ovaries, with sensitiveness to touch. "Always on coughing, motion in head like pressure." Then we come to the respiratory tract again, which we have only hinted at, and here we have a tremendous study before us. Pressive pain in the forehead, fullness and heaviness in the forehead as if the brain was pressed out. Headaches as if the skull would split open; the pains are worse from every motion, even the winking motion of the eyes, the motion necessary to talking, and the effort of thinking, so that all exertion of body or mind becomes impossible with a severe headache. Add to cart. It is well to say to patients who are under Lyc., "See that you do not eat oysters while taking this medicine." You disturb him and he says, "Go away and let me go home," and if you let him alone he will relapse into a perfectly quiet state and seldom speak. Painful menstruation, dysmenorrhoea; pain in the ovaries at the menstrual period. Such conditions come with chest complaints, with colds and headaches. He has urging to stool and goes several times before there is any result. Your site link here; FAQs; Sunday, 18 August 2013. These characteristic stitching "Burning of the anus with every passage." When a patient is about to come down with some Bryonia complaint, with a remittent, or with head congestions, or pneumonia, or some other respiratory disease, the family will notice when he awakes in the morning that he has that besotted expression, and he says he has to make such an effort to think or do anything, and his head aches hard, and is worse from motion. Its inflammatory complaints include inflammation of the membranes of the brain, sometimes extending into the cord; the pleural membranes, the peritoneum and the heart covering, these are the most common; it also has inflammation of organs. He will look at you and wonder what you were doing, and what you said; a stupefaction of the intellect; the eyes do not look at you intelligently. Oysters are not, as a rule, a dangerous article of diet, yet some are poisoned by oysters. Generalities Bryonia develops a marked action on all SEROUS MEMBRANES and the viscera they contain, causing INFLAMMATION and exudation. The studies highlight the psychological aspects of the remedies with their general and physical concomitants. This sluggish state of the mind then is the state of Bryonia, not an excitable state, as in Coffea, Nux vomica, Ignatia, but sluggish, aggravated from motion, aggravated from being talked to, wants to lie still in bed; very great irritability, which is as extreme as that found in Nux or Chamomilla. When that case is looked into thoroughly it may be covered by Kreosote; another is never satisfied with anything and rejects everything he asks for; you look into that case and it may be covered by Chamomilla. Every motion, every touch, every deep breath causes pain in this organ, as in the abdominal viscera. He will have a violent headache after drinking cold water when heated. The eyes are red and congested; he is listless, does not want to move, to speak, or to do anything, because all these things are motion are efforts, and they make him worse. ZOMEO - BEST HOMEOPATHY SOFTWARE. In olden times it was described as "arthritic sore eyes," which means sore eyes in a gouty constitution. It is not an uncommon thing for a patient who has been under the influence of Rhus tox, and has been doing well up to 4 certain time, after he has taken a bath, to have his symptoms return in the form-of a Rhus state; the action of the remedy stops right there. This is sometimes intermingled with mucus and slime, sometimes with blood. After urinating a feeling in the bladder as if he had not finished, and a few drops still pass involuntarily, [1]. Home; Materia Medica. every muscle. Bryonia is often indicated in injuries of joints where Arnica would be a failure. The Bryonia patient will finally sum up the whole subject and say, "I am always worse after eating;" so that it becomes a general. It may be useful to the physician to know whether this is in the typhoid state or in the form of chronic diarrhoea. That is, taking cold from suppression of perspiration. We see a patient who had first a cold, and the cold has travelled down the air passages, with hoarseness and rawness in the chest and cough; the cough shakes the whole body, then comes a hard chill. Bryonia furnishes many symptoms in connection with the stool and rectum. It has a 3 P. M.. aggravation. "Desire for things which are not to be had.". He suffers more than ordinary persons, from a stuffy room. There are many symptoms of the female sexual organs of great interest. I sometimes wonder whether Bryonia has a greater element of relief from heat, or greater element of relief from cold. Insolaţii, expuneri prelungite la căldură. When intermittent fever comes on with marked congestion, stupefaction of the intellect, violent rigors, even to a congestive chill, the patient lying in stupefaction or a semi-conscious state, without grinding the teeth, yet wagging the jaw back and forth by the hour, Bryonia is often suitable. The complaints come on after taking cold, not the first few hours, as in Aconite or Bell., but the day after an exposure he begins to feel uneasy and he sneezes and the nose discharges, there is rawness in the chest, and in a day or so he has a chill and comes down with some inflammatory trouble, pneumonia or pleurisy. The homeopathic blog where you find all information about homeopathy,organon,materia medica and repertory. Veja os detalhes da matéria médica BRY - BRYONIA ALBA. Mucous membranes are all dry. Most of the head complaints that are of a congestive character are better from cool applications, from cold air, etc. "The headache is expanding, aggravated by the slightest motion; after eating." Não gosta de se movimentar, de falar. SKU: BryP6C Categories: Simplex, Simplex-B. Bryonia has toothache, worse from warmth. dropsical effusions into synovial and serous membranes. If, while lying, he makes the least motion, he must hurry to stool. The These medicines are known to produce states in the stomach inimical to certain kinds of foods; certain remedies have violently inimical relation to acids, lemons, etc. Yet there are some of the Bryonia head complaints that are relieved by hot applications, and these seem to have no accompanying cerebral congestion. Ebenso, wie sich Bryonia-Beschwerden über einen längeren Zeitraum entwickeln, benötigt das Mittel einige Zeit,um seine Wirkung zu entfalten. "Children pick the lips." Por Iván Navas. He does not feel very well, is languid and tired, does not want to be spoken to, does not want to move, and this gradually increases; pains begin to flit over the body, they move around here and there over the fibers in one place and another, and every time he moves the pains increase, until they end in a steady and continuous pain.