The nursery covers approximatly 4 acres of open beds and covered growing areas, Hi guys long time since last ‘blog’ forget I have this facility, always moaning at …, Easter 2015 is almost here! Grower Direct is a family run business, with a small highly dedeicated team of experts who specialise in propagation, growing systems and pest & disease management. WORLD CLASS TREES FROM NZ’S MOST PROGRESSIVE TREE NURSERY Icon Trees are suppliers of stunning big trees and advanced hedging. An extremely fast growing, hardy tree, Quickly grows into a tall stately tree. Casuarina Casuarina glauca. CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW (minimum order $100) Forevergreen Seedlings have a huge range of plants all year round. grafted G3 Plants, shelter trees & hedges, Hideaway Nurseries Ltd is a family run business which, Steve Hart successfully started 40 years ago, passing, on to his sons (John & Lyle) his years of experience and, expertise, There isn’t too much that they don’t know, about this business. Salix matsudana x alba cl. Casuarina cunninghamiana quantity. $95.00. Bruno rootstock and G3 are field grown, 1m plus, Please note that Kiwifruit plants are only available, identification, to ensure traceability of plant, Bruno Rootstock is a kiwifruit classic and proven industry, performer. Alnus maximowiczii Hokkaido mountain alder Ht 5-10m Broadly conical, deciduous, cold hardy, smaller than most Alnus species. Valuable timber. From pohutukawa in the lower North Island, to eucalyptus in Central Otago, here are some of the best firewood trees by region. Willows. Details. THE WORST SHELTER TREES AROUND. Add to Cart. River She-Oak makes an attractive, specimen tree if grown in the open or a good shelter tree that tolerates hard, trimming and wind. Certification Scheme Cryptomeria. Also known as cat's claw vine, cat's claw ivy, yellow trumpet vine. $68.00 . What if I get them and they die? Rare in NZ. All Kiwifruit plants grown by Hideaway Nursery are grown under strict plant production protocols of the Kiwifruit Vine Health, Kiwifruit Plant. Over the years we have earned the trust and respect of garden centres and we are proud to be recognised as a market leader and award-winning wholesale nursery. 1L Grade . Our Palm Tree selection. They bring early spring blossom magic and can be pruned to the desired size. Price per tree: 50+ Add to order. takana, in Matakana, near Warkworth, grows almost every New Zealand native tree, at heights of 2m-5m in carry bags from 25L up to 450 Litres, plus field trees. Growing plants is not only our business - it's our passion! "Say it with flowers". We have over 100 different species, all selected and grown with the utmost care and attention to give you, the customer a tree in excellent condition. family Taxodiaceae. Great for the farm or lifestyle block. We believe that the more you get for your money the better your garden will be! Whether you are a landscape professional, local authority, land developer or residential customer, our small team of friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to provide expert, personal service. Foliage grows from the ground to become an. Grower Direct was opened direct to the public in August 2011. In addition, we offer on site services where required. Prices shown exclude GST. STRAWBERRY - WHITE (Fragaria vesca) In propagation. Casuarina / Allocasuarina, including Allocasuarina littoralis, Allocasuarina verticulata, are available from wholesale growers as Tube Stock through to advanced sizes. $95.00. Displaying 61 - 70 of 330. Trees of “Makara” are generally in full leaf until early June, 3-4 weeks later than the clone Aokautere (“NZ 1002”), making it especially suitable for sheltering kiwifruit and subtropical fruit crops. This will never be passed on to any other party. Cart: 0. Planting Tips. Before placing an order, please read about our grading, ordering, packaging, invoicing and freight procedures here. in the Western Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Words: Nadene Hall Eric Cairns has dedicated his life to growing trees. We provide planting recommendations tailored to your, planting period to help you maximise plant growth, We supply vigorous, disease-resistant plants, Giving. Speed of growth : 1.5-2m/year, Farm/Orchard Shelter Trees/Shelter Belts/Windbreaks, Quickly grows into a tall stately tree. Climbers & Cover. Bay of Plenty’s largest selection of big trees. (GOOD FOR; DAMP, DRY, FIREWOOD, HEDGE, … A quality Bruno plant provides an excellent base to graft all varieties and produce large crops. them the best start they could possibly have. Chilean Glory Creeper Eccremocarpus … Casuarina trees are an evergreen trees and can grow up to 100 feet tall with diameter of 60 cm (180 cm girth). Our objective is to deliver great solutions that cost you less. If we have not listed the species you are after, give us a call anyway, with 60,000 plus trees there’s a good chance we may just have your need tucked away somewhere. orchard identification, to ensure traceability of plant material movements. Located in Tauranga we have a significant local distribution area within the BOP and adjacent regions. Notifications Search. Buy Now. Steve is still hands on with his, knowledge in the daily running of the nursery which is, located in Katikati, which is in the Western Bay of, Bruno Rootstock and G3 are field grown, 1m plus height, 12 months and 24 months, Please note that Kiwifruit plants are only available to commercial growers with KPin. STEVIA (Stevia rebaudiana) In propagation. SOAPBERRY (Sapindus saponaria) Ready by mid summer. Useful for wind breaks and firewood. Trees & more is a supplier of quality plant and associated landscape product direct to you at greatly reduced cost. Also known as grey sheoak, swamp oak. Sex is female. These trees are very delicate, … Frost tolerant. Evergreen. CASUARINA CUNNINGHAMIANA (She Oak) CASUARINA CUNNINGHAMIANA (She Oak) Email to a Friend. Specimen Trees Are One Of A Kind That Stand Out From Other Plants. Just ask, no secrets with us, our philophosy is simple, if you are succesfull with your garden, then we have succeeded. Cryptomeria and Casuarina shelter belt trees and hedging. There. These trees can survive up to 50 years in favorable conditions. ORDER NOW To enable us to let you know when our list has been updated or about any end of season specials, please enter your email address, interest category and your region. SUGARCANE (Saccharum officinarum) limited stock. SURINAM CHERRY (Eugenia uniflora) more coming ... TAMARILLO - (Cyphomandra betacea) In propagation. Kauri Trees Huge Sale AGATHIS AUSTRALIS OR NZ KAURI. Note for our Garden Centre customers: Due to seasonal variations in our plant displays in our Garden Centre, not all the products available through our online store are … Speed of growth : 1.5-2m/year, Cryptomeria is a monotypic genus of conifer in the cypress, family Cupressaceae, formerly belonging to the family, Taxodiaceae. Casuarina Trees. Used as screening plants, feature trees and background planting some species have other uses. We have more than 80 species of beautiful native trees at big tree stage to enhance your landscape spaces, because…if you need instant impact, life’s too short to wait for small plants to become specimen trees. An extremely fast growing, hardy tree that is excellent for erosion, control, fast growing for shelter belts. Juvenile trees have fine drooping bronze 'needles' which eventually change to a green, more a flattened leaf. Big trees | Shelter trees | Native trees | Exotic trees, shrubs . Tolerant of strong winds. $69.00. What’s the best belt for your lifestyle block? Price per tree: 10-40 . Few things transform a landscape like a tree in full bloom, from the bold and dramatic Magnolias and Rhododendrons to the subtle, dainty Pea shaped flowers of the Cercis family all add a seasonal lift to the garden. Century Plant Agave americana. Gallery . Beilschemedia 'Taraire' 160L . Buy Now. River She-, specimen tree if grown in the open or a good shelter tree, trimming and wind. Casuarina/she-oak. ... Tree”, then click on the name of the tree, or click on ‘View All Trees’ and you will get more data plus photos–trees suitable for every situation NZ can offer. Want to know how we grow something? Experts from the NZ Tree Crops Association give us their recommendations on some of the best trees for your region, and what to avoid. Black Bridge Nurseries stock a huge and diverse range of flowering trees suitable for every purpose. It has, fine greyish green needle-like foliage and cones. Fast growing and very tough. This is known in many parts of the world as the best firewood of all. and are ready to be planted in the orchard immediately. Lovely enduring specimen tree with perfect pyramidal form. The following are recommendations from members of the NZ Tree Crops Association for Northland, Auckland and Bay of Plenty. At Trees & More we offer you the opportunity to obtain quality product at trade rates. Related Products $ 27.00 Alnus cordata Add to cart $ 9.00 Syzigium ventanati Add to cart; Product Categories. Large tree / Deciduous / Attractive autumn colours - yellow / Edible fruits and seeds / Timber Pricing. Cat's Claw Creeper Macfadyena unguis-cati . Nut trees tend to be undervalued as specimens for ornamental or even edible use, and yet the benefit that can be derived from growing a variety of nut trees cannot be overlooked. NZ native (2) Apply NZ native filter ; Ready to order? Our tree fern range is also growing and we can supply large Mamaku ‘Black Punga’ and Dicksonia’s that will finish a native planting perfectly. Typical shelter belt plant. G3 on Bruno. We offer you the benefits of a cost effective total solution to your door. Grown in, PB5 planter bags, 1m plus height, An evergreen tree with pendulous branchlets and an attractive spreading form. It is endemic to Japan, For all your shelter trees & kiwifruit Plants, You will find directions on the map below, please, Scan the QR Code below and add us to your, You will find directions on the map below, please phone, 2: Hideaway Nursery Ltd-KIWIFRUIT PLANTS & SHELTER TREES, 3: Shelter Belt, Windbreak Trees, Hedging Trees Forsale. Quick view Auckland Closes in 1 hr 42 mins. Cornyocarpus laevigatus 'Karaka' 400L . Free Shipping on Orders $250 or more - Widest Range in NZ - Garden Design. Casuarina cunninghamiana. The foilage of casuarina tree is of slender, much-branched green to grey-green twigs bearing minute scale-leaves. Start price. Casuarina equisetifolia at Chikhaldara, India. Be the first to review this product. Casuarina cunninghamiana $ 5.00. Buy and sell Trees & timber on Trade Me. Our nursery specialises in the production of high quality specimen trees. Produces berries which are loved by birds. The horticultural boom in NZ in the 1970s and 1980s meant a lot of new shelter belts were planted, with one aim: to grow as fast as possible. Trees & Shrubs. No Reserve. Casuarina trees are grown in tropical and subtropical regions of world. Category: Screening & Hedging. Located at Katikati in the stunning Bay Of plenty, Supplied in PB5 planter bags, 1m plus height, For Kiwifruit plants, Bruno rootstock, grafted, Nursery a call they can advice you as to the, Our potted plants come with a large, healthy root system. Good shelterbelt trees are practical, but they can be so much more. Also known as cup and saucer vine. takana is a wholesale nursery, and our trees are at wholesale prices for delivery in quantity. Nut trees lend themselves well to being Espaliered and will produce a fantastic crop of delicious and highly nutritious edibles. Casuarina is a genus of 17 tree species in the family Casuarinaceae, native to Australia, the Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia, islands of the western Pacific Ocean, and eastern Africa. Product Name Price Qty; CASU CUNNI 0.5L - 0.5L $6.99. Home ; Buy Plants . excellent shelter tree. Buy Now. Contact the team today to find out . It includes only one species, Cryptomeria, Hideaway Nurseries Ltd is a family run business which Steve, Hart successfully started 40 years ago, passing on to his sons, (John & Lyle) his years of experience and expertise. JAPANESE RAISIN TREE (Hovinia dulcis) Ready Now. This NZ native can reach over 60m when fully mature but that takes quite some time, our height is for 10 year growth. seems like only yesterday we were hiding the Easter eggs …, What bloody spring, it was more like an extension of winter only wetter and with more …. 1 Year OldTe Puke Nurseries has been providing high quality kiwifruit plants (all varieties) to discerning customers in the Bay of Plenty and greater New Zealand for almost 50 years.. We deliver vigorous, disease-resistant plants, giving them the best start possible when you plant them.