If, I happen to forget my water and it boils, I let the water sit for 10 minutes and let it cool before I pour it on my tea. Gyokuro is a special type of green tea shaded from the sun for 20 days. Gyokuro tea is a type of green tea, from Japan. Born and lived there for 25 years. Arbor Teas never lets me down! The teas are grown in the southern island of Kyushu in the Yame region, which is famous for the mild taste of its 'Sencha' (Standard green tea) and 'Gyokuro' (Superior green tea). This gyokuro is of an excellent true quality. Also, I highly recommend using a glass tea pot and cup, if available so you can soak in the visual beauty of this tea. As all Japanese green teas, Gyokuro is made via steaming, rather than pan firing. Thank you for making this possible while in America. Grown in the Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan, our Gyokuro is shaded prior to harvesting, which stresses the tea plant, resulting in a higher chlorophyll content. We’re happy to make recommendations to get you started, but don’t hesitate to experiment! I did search other sites before I made my final purchase decision, but as usual it was a waste of time. Absolutely will be ordering again. Revelation Organics® Premium Gyokuro Green Tea - 50g - Loose Green Tea Leaves - Direct from Japan Organic Certified Plant Based Vegan Detox Diet hot Health Drink antioxidant 4.1 out of 5 stars 19. Yame area in Fukuoka is the main production region in Japan (40%). In this article, I list 20 surprising things about this gyokuro tea. 100g/3.5oz. Salty Snack: Gyokuro tea leaves prepared with rock salt. It has boldness without being the least bit astringent. We frequently travel to Japan to meet all of our farmers in person and get to know them and their families. This traditional cultivation technique increases total amino-acid content, chlorophyll, and the more pleasant grassy-umami flavor. Receive our occasional email. December Deal #1 Matcha Sampler + Whisk. Gyokuro specifically has elevated levels of L-theanine, a beneficial amino acid to help balance stress levels and promote a sense of calm and focus. It is so delicious that it can be consumed all on its own, without any sweeteners as there is no bitterness, only a deep vegetal - almost "salty" - note (which I LOVE). You can enjoy the taste of real Japanese tea. Love the fact that is it organically grown so I can drink it with the peace of mind that it is safe for my health. Hesitated purchasing it initially since it is quite a bit more than Sencha but must say, it is worth every penny. Green Tea. I am Japanese. At Arbor Teas, we believe tea should be brewed to suit your personal taste. 50g/1.76oz. Gyokuro is probably Japan's most highly valued loose leaf Green tea. Tons of flavor yet very mellow and pleasing to the palate. I found Arbor Teas while searching the internet for "organic gyokuro" and I am so glad I found them! Gyokuro is perhaps the rarest form of premium green tea leaves from Japan, and is produced by intense shading during the final period of seasonal, pre-harvest growth. This is the first green tea that I've been able to drink without adding lemon or honey to it. I heat my water only to the point where the little bubbles come off the bottom of the kettle. £39.60 − 1 + Add to cart Add Loose Tea Tea Bags. Japan • Green Tea. While most sencha is from the Yabukita cultivar of Camellia sinensis, gyokuro is often made from a specialized variety such as Asahi, Okumidori, Yamakai, and Gyokuro is the most sought after and luxurious type of green tea from Uji, Japan. Next. It has a great green color and goes down smooth every time. Sencha is the term for traditional green tea in Japan, but this tea is slightly different, bearing a more pale-green color when infused, and is also made with a different brewing technique. It is a beautiful example of a high end Japanese gyokuro green tea. WorldWide Shipping I have have tried numerous green teas, I have yet to find one that I like as much as this! Japanese Gyokuro Asahi (Precious Dew) green tea is Japan's finest grade and most highly prized tea. Online Since 1998. Gyokuro green tea is one of the finest examples of tea from Japan. 50g/1.76oz. Shade grown premium Japanese Gyokuro that is deep in color and rich in flavor £ 10.80. Gyokuro tea is a type of shaded green tea made from unique variations of the Camellia sinensis plant. Select Page. The flavour is sweet and full of umami flavours with a thick and rich texture. I like treating myself to a cup of this alongside calm music after a stressful day. In the cup, this creates a fuller body and bolder vegetal quality. I started out with a sample, and when it was gone I ordered the largest size bag. WorldWide Shipping This launch price won't be around forever make sure you take the opportunity to taste. If you want a stronger brew, don’t steep longer, just use more tea. In order to reduce bitterness caused by tannin, the tea plants are covered with bamboo mats some three weeks before harvest time. I was searching all of China when what I was looking for was in this Japanese variety. The price is very reasonable for the quality and quantity of the tea leaves. £19.99. The shading stresses the plant, and causes an increased production of certain nutrients including chlorophyll and L-theanine. Photos by Greg Goodmacher. Ichibancha (First Harvest) Gyokuro is a Japanese Gyokuro green tea from the Gokou cultivar developed and grown in Kyoto, Japan. I say this is for the experienced tea drinker since oversteeping by only 1 minute will result in a bitter tasting tea. WOW! For more information about the health benefits of gyokuro and other types of tea, and for direct sources of the above information, check out our Tea Health Benefits page! It keeps me coming back for more and more! US$ 14.50. No vendor located outside of Japan can deliver fresher green tea or matcha to overseas customers than we can. Water Temperature: 180 degrees. Thank you, Arbor Teas! After savoring a pot of high-quality, organic Japanese green tea, don’t discard the wet leaves—eat them! Only 15 left in stock. Gyokuro Loose Leaf Green Tea, 100% Natural and Pure. Japanese Green Tea & Matcha . Sourcing the best organic green tea from Japan and bringing it to you. Bold and refreshing with a wonderful, lingering mouth feel. You definitely get what you pay for. This one is it! Both are very good but this in my opinion packs more flavor with less bite. Gyokuro Premier is high quality shade grown Japanese green tea that is rich in color and flavor. We only source from the best organic tea farms. We always want to hear from you! Grown in the Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan, our Gyokuro is shaded prior to harvesting, which stresses the tea plant, resulting in a higher chlorophyll content. I would drink it every day if I could afford it. I've tried a number of the green teas that Arbor offers, and this is definitely my favorite. couldnt have been more wrong! When it comes to superior grade Gyokuro, many people are surprised by it's uniquely intense taste. Even though I have never been to Japan, I can only imagine that this is what standing on the beach and watching the waves crash, would smell like. I drink it primarily for the calming effect it has. And don’t forget to re-steep your tea leaves to get the most out of your leaf! On top of that it's organic AND comes from a conscientious company!! ALL ABOUT GYOKURO; GREEN TEA & HEALTH; FAQ; SEE CART; ACCOUNT; 0 Items. The name translates to ‘jade dew’, describing the color of its infusion. For the best flavor, use fresh water whenever possible, and avoid overboiling. In the final month before harvesting, Gyokuro tea farm is covered to avoid direct sun light and to reduce the rate of photosynhesis. I get several steeps out of the same leaves, which is wonderful. This is my first experience with Gyokuro tea. It's more expensive than most teas I drink and I've hesitated to buy more. International Green Industry Hall of Fame, Organic Matcha Green Tea Ceremonial Grade, Arbor Teas Stainless Steel Storage Canister. This is a very refreshing tea that is different than most varieties of green tea I've had. Gyokuro, or “Jade Dew” is a fine Japanese green tea variety that is shaded before harvesting; this will naturally boost the levels of chlorophyll in the leaf- this produces a unique, deep and sweet cup of green tea. 200g/7oz. I drink Sencha on a daily basis and this on the weekend. December 18, 2020 Of all the tea farms in Japan, only a small number of tea farmers grow competition grade tea. Intense, refined, with marine notes and a sweet, rounded, velvety flavor: Gyokuro tea is one of the finest quality Japanese green teas in the world, also known as “precious dew” or “dew of jade”. As is customary with most Japanese teas, our organic Gyokuro exhibits mixed grading consisting of both small and larger leaf pieces and very fine particles to create a full and brothy cup that, according to Japanese tea culture, creates a harmonious infusion revealing the full breadth of the leaf. This must be the kind of tea they use for tea ceremonies. Exclusive Japanese green tea shipped worldwide from Japan. Infusion: For an 8 oz serving, steep 1 level teaspoon of leaf in 175°F water for 1 minute. The topmost, tenderest leaves are hand-picked from the bush and carefully rolled when they take on the shape of pine needles. You can enjoy the taste of real Japanese tea. Gyokuro production originated in Uji Excellent climate and ideal conditions make Uji famous for cultivating the finest gyokuro teas! This Gyokuro was picked in the first flush of May 2020 and is packed on an artisanal farm to ensure freshness. Our organic Gyokuro (pronounced gyo-KUR-o) represents the pinnacle of organic Japanese green tea. I do tend to save it for mornings when I know I have the time to pay attention and not oversteep. Calm yet alert, I really appreciate that. £20.80. It differs from the standard sencha in being grown under the shade rather than the full sun. If you opt for the cooler temperature you can get two pots of tea out of the tea leaves. This highly-esteemed emerald tea is shade-grown for approximately three weeks, producing after harvest an infusion of the beautiful pale green color from which it earns its name. The rich and invigorating tea has been shaded with natural rice straw “sumaki,” which blocks at least 95% of the sunlight. It is the perfect green tea. Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup Steep Time: 3 min. Gyokuro Gyokuro has a noble mellow and sweet taste and elegant aroma. I must say I believe I made a wonderful choice! When brewed, the tea color is bright green. Following the hand-picking, the leaves are treated with high-temperature steam and then instantaneously cooled off. What is Gyokuro tea ? Starbucks new packaging comes in silk bags (and not loose leaf -- 0.8 of an ounce for lots of $$$) it claims to be the Finest Mao Feng the Arbor Teas' Mao Feng did not have the "Green-ness" I was looking for (It's smoother and really good in a different way) the tasty Mao Jian began to hint at it. 5 star rating; billrla – CA – January 14, 2020 If I go broke, let it be because of my love of Gyokuro. I am so happy I decided to try a sample of this green tea. "When I open a bag of Gyokuro I can smell the cool ocean air. Gyokuro is the Macallan 18 Year-Old of green teas, and as with Scottish single malts, Japanese green tea is the only way to go, at least for me.