Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs) Somin1 (소민; formerly referred as Jeon Somin) is a South Korean singer-songwriter and composer under DSP Media. J.Seph https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6d5bc1ad3da7c56e2f71fda753d0bb7baa2a4fbf8375eb7dbd68b5ebccf846be.jpg, BM https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1b9337cd5cae654b7da56633b0800aabe233511c080bfb101f74b8a9f75fcedd.jpg, Somin https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/66d30466e822ee69e93408dd002c7031031380faf11b209b85f3e37f0bc286ba.jpg, Jiwoo https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f53fe341bede3f1cd93b9976a99be01059d47ab3df580083567577f7a4ec5ae.jpg, BM Said on his Instagram story that his ideal type is “Positive, smiles a lot, cute with a little bit of Sexy with a little bit of hood ;)”, can you link me to his post pretty please? . Where the heck you get that Red and Dark srsly? ❤️ https://www.instagram.com/p/BnZTlJcBtNf/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=3anyq02rysqe. -Somin: Ham and cheese Height: 165 cm (5’5″) I love K.A.R.D already! Poll: Who is the most beautiful (Female) Bassist in Korea? [13] The group then held their first tour, 2017 The 1st Tour "Wild K.A.R.D" , in the United States between May to June 2017. (the source for these is their Reddit question and answer session btw ^.^), @minatrbl:disqus fascinating how the guys have the same last name and the girls too , and they have a Kim Taehyung and Kim (Seok)Jin too!!! Prior to his debut, BM was featured in Goo Ha-ra's song "La La La" from her 2015 debut EP Alohara (Can You Feel It? I LOVE PRETTY RHYTHM WHEN I WAS YOUNG. Their Wild Kard Tour was held in September 2017, with five European dates in London, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, and Rotterdam, and five North American dates in Minneapolis; Washington, D.C.; New York City; Miami; and San Francisco.[18]. – His role model is Cristiano Ronaldo. Thanks for your comment. Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source! There are English subtitles (since the video is mainly in Portuguese) and the exact timestamp is 0:47. Zodiac Sign: Leo [26] On July 25, 2018, they made their comeback with their third EP, Ride On the Wind. [11] Their follow-up project single "Don't Recall" was released on February 16, 2017, followed by its English version on March 1, 2017. I forgot that the time of birth had an important role in calculating someone’s exact birth chart. This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. "[30] A month later, on September 21, KARD made another comeback with their second digital single, "Dumb Litty". I always thought BM was the Leader XDD A member of Click B’s name is Kim Taehyung. Here's the source titled, "180726 NCT Night Night with KARD". Officially no, though, Jiwoo is more fluent in English out of the two. >3<, @narlaay:disqus ”BM studied psychology 18:00 ” Stage Name: J.Seph/제이셉 Real Name: Kim Taehyung/김태형 There are videos of BM speaking to her in English and she responds in English, too. , @perfectpieces:disqus Visual = the most beautiful member – B.M’s ideal type is someone like CL or Jessi By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. They are composed of members J.Seph, BM, Somin, and Jiwoo. Poll: What was your favorite 2020 MAMA performance. Thanks for the info. somin is lead vocalist and jiwoo main vocalist. Card: Ace o_o, Somin looks like Joy of Red velvet in some ways lol. , Jiwoo is the most shy member of the group. Show more J.Seph fun facts…, BM , j.seph’s real name is KIM TAEHYUNG? – Kprofiles.com, You may also like: Quiz: How well do you know K.A.R.D? Hope You Enjoy!! Thank you for the info, it’s really appreciated! https://www.sbs.com.au/popasia/blog/2017/03/31/exclusive-kard-member-lived-canberra. i definitely agree about the introduction, though. – BM’s ideal type: Positive, smiles a lot, cute with a little bit of sexiness, with a little bit of hood. On August 24, 2015, she debuted as leader of DSP Media's girl group April, but she decided to depart from the group on November 9. – He was a DSP Media trainee for 5 years. Before their official debut they released three project singles Oh NaNa, Don’t Recall and Rumor. Weight: 71 kg (156 lbs) Here’s the link to a video: Kpop Discographies I got my source from Soompi: I went to the Wild K.A.R.D tour last night in Minneapolis and J. Seph said that he would like to collaborate with GD. Somin can play piano, violin, and ocarina. , @briannajankowski:disqus ), "[prod.BM/Lyric Video] Somin - Backseat (Feat. Facebook: officialkard. Facebook: officialkard. J.Seph was with DSP Media as a trainee for five years before he was selected to form a part of KARD. he’s my bias, BM is my bias -Jiwoo: it would be scary so she’ll worry, If the members could have any anumal as their pet, which one would they choose: I hope it’s a ballad title track. [27] The EP debuted and peaked at number 7 on the Gaon Album Chart for the week ending July 28, 2018. Somin’ s name has been fixed. KARD’s coming back at the end of March!!!! , @disqus_18w0PSExoz:disqus Yes me to. Stage name: J. Seph. For dancing as well, it’s the same as for vocalists. Average Height. The fandom name is ‘Hidden Kard’. K.A.R.D Members Profile: K.A.R.D Facts, K.A.R.D’s Ideal Type ….Somin isn’t plastic. His profile is getting quite long in comparison to the others. Birthday: June 21, 1992. (But the fan base thing hasn’t been worked out yet considering there’s no official name although I, and many others say it’s Poll: Which is your favorite KARD Ship? J.Seph image source. @disqus_BynfUWeWJQ:disqus J.Seph’s name is Kim Taehyung. WEST MONROE, La. @@disqus_PJ0yc3RT0l:disqus ❤” Somin learned ballet in elementary school 16:30 ” . Thank you for the info, it’s really appreciated! On March 27, 2019, they made their comeback with their first digital single "Bomb Bomb. J.Seph zodiac sign is actually just Cancer. Age (Korean age, International age): 26, 24. As for Visual, yes, they appoint this task too, it’s the person who’s usually considered the best looking among the members, according to the Korean beauty standards. In K-Pop they usually have such positions/tasks as Main Vocalist (usually the person with the best range vocals and which usually sings the chorus or the main parts) then it comes the Lead Vocalist (which is the 2nd person regarding vocal range and who usually sings more parts too, sometimes sings the chorus while the Main Vocalist does the falsetto.). Thank you for the additional info and for providing the source, it’s really appreciated! Thanks for providing the source and the article. [28] The EP also debuted and peaked at number 8 on the Billboard World Albums chart. Unless you’ve been completely offline forever, chances are you’ve heard of the new co-ed group KARD… Is my BIAS ! @disqus_TMyJEAF7qd:disqus XD, Thanks a lot for the help! – Can do a Doraemon impression. Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Maknae On April 14, 2018, the group met local fans through their 2018 Wild Kard Tour in the Kasablanka Hall in Jakarta, Indonesia. bm also said he dosnt have a ideal type anymore, and is open to dating any kind of girl. I like her and J.Seph the most. Facebook: officialkard all the format keeps me intrigued. Stage Name: J.Seph. Youtube: KARD’s channel. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1a78067d56e3bb2a2181b8e5611d77a9a5224d3047a78fa5f740f3e366e04525.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/830d063664b9761b4e37b8ae47e9e475502554a5f3fe401590ae1bf7afa90566.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/31d5a178858e5f64235d900f549cce49ed616111efaacb6cdaba34d7b3eb3b02.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b319269ecadd54ff0852fc422719744d4fcb0a4b07b01f185dbdb079373629eb.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fc23cc9d43e413469cc96b3e07ef25dc1cc58d81731e5cf04bf322d26e03f3bb.jpg. , @evalafrance:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! i’m not trying to question you; i’m just curious, because i’ve never seen him listed as the leader anywhere before. B.M – Main Dancer, Lead rapper, Vocalist I keep commenting new information to put on the KARD profiles with sources and I’m annoyed that it’s not being added. I think Somin position is Main Vocalist and Visual, BM did a “Ask Me Anything” thing on instagram (Sorry, I don’t know the formal name for it). [9] On December 9, the music video teaser for their first project single titled "Oh NaNa" was released,[10] with the song being officially released on December 13, 2016. “Don’t Recall’s” hidden version was the song in English. Now I understand, I am German and the sign in Germany is from 21st May to 21st June. @nauhlinuren:disqus Stop insulting members. (White ver. Position: Lead Rapper, Main Dancer. – Can play piano, violin and ocarina. Position: Ace, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist. One item the members always carry in their bags: nope. Their first extended play "Hola Hola" peaked at number two on the Gaon … Who is your K.A.R.D bias? No, Jiwoo and Somin represents the R … black jokeR and color jokeR , the D is for hiDDen kard .. Don’t get how j seph is the last one while hes voice is so awesome and he is really handsome and cute at the same time. I thought the year only mattered. In all honesty, just because you say someone is your “ideal type” doesn’t mean that that type of person is your future mate. It’s “KARD”. Jiwoo read and replied in english in this video! somin: 소민 I guess the most popular member is rather BM? without full stop. kim taehyung: 김태형 – Jiwoo the Color Joker card explained: “I’m in charge of making our group’s singing, rapping, dancing and music colorful” (stated during their debut party). , wow I’m speechless…how can you even say things like that! – He is from Los Angeles, California, United States. taehyung’s english is pretty rocky tho so maybe put ‘some’ English. Date of birth: June 21, 1992. i saw bomb bomb in a kpop try not to sing/dance and fell in love with BM so i went to look at him and the other members Could you update there pictures to the don’t recall photos? – J.Seph helped B.M a lot when he moved to Korea JBJ Members Profile, Age, Height and Birth Date UPDATE! -The members said that Jiwoo is the shyest person when you first meet her. BM for male, Jiwoo for female. – BM stands for Big Matthew. – He was featured in Goo Hara‘s song La La La. Thanks for the heads up! Simple. JiWoo was asked by DSP to record “Oh NaNa” the day she auditioned. We credited you in the post! , @jungyoonohh:disqus can’t wait to see all the hidden members. -BM: doesn’t watch One piece, likes both naruto and dragon ball, but chooses Dragon ball. Stage Name: BM Full Name: Matthew Kim Group: KARD Korean Stage Name: 비엠 Korean Full Name: 매튜김 Date of Birth: 19921020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tSwCxCf394&feature=youtu.be, @evalafrance:disqus Thanks a lot for all the info provided and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! I would post the video but I don’t know how……? J.seph and Bm were judges on “Stage K” episode 7. J.seph has an older sister. can you please add that Jiwoo trained at FNC for 5 years and trained at DSP for only 2 months, and that BM is also the main dancer, @meghagopaldas:disqus Thank you for the info! From 2012 to 2014, member Somin was a member of DSP Media's Japanese girl group Puretty with releasing singles "Cheki☆Love" in 2012, "Shuwa Shuwa BABY" in 2013 and then disbanded in 2014 with plans for the members to re-debut into other groups. BTS??? the leader is supposedly bm I seen it somewhere I am not really sure though, – Jiwoo has a brother, but they aren’t very close (I wanted that to be updated because I know that Jiwoo and Somin no longer play those instruments, that it says on their profile. Matthew kim ur the funniest the grestest the hotest idol i ever seen ur just gorgeous. oh wow J.Seph and I are both Cancer/Gemini cusp my birthday is June 20 and his is right after ine he was just born a year before me. Before the KARD members’ quiz, here’s some short history of KARD. Stage Name: J.Seph Full Name: Kim Taehyung Group: KARD Korean Stage Name: 제이셉 Korean Full Name: 김태형 Date of Birth: 19920621 That’s exactly what I thought! I don’t think so.BM IS popular but definitely not more than Somin.Because Somin has already been part of two groups before and was a Baby KARA contestant.That gives her a lot of popularity..But I guess we will know after a year or so who is the FOTG but for now it is definitely Somin. o__O. AND remember, how you behave on camera, in front of fans, is different than how you behave in everyday life. Hight: 176 cm. After its release, the single charted at number 1 in 13 countries on iTunes' K-Pop charts and ranked high on the main iTunes charts in the United States, Southeast Asia, and Europe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojVQQBiwono&sns=tw, BM recently said in his Instagram that french fries are his favorite food of all times, @disqus_BynfUWeWJQ:disqus Do you have a reliable source for this? @taiga_amvs:disqus no. Oldest Member – J.Seph’s Profile dbkpop.com. BM is Korean American. Thanks for the comment! Blood type: A. She also seems more close to J.seph. Kard (Korean: 카드, stylized as K.A.R.D or KARD) is a South Korean co-ed group formed by DSP Media. As for BM, he is already listed as a Main Dancer. they’d be nice fandom colours, though <3, B.M is friends with Day6′ Jae and The Rose’s WooSung and Dojoon, Jiwoo is my bias. Real Name: Kim TaeHyung. (They don’t use Z.sun as their choreographer anymore.) The one time I ever heard Jiwoo say anything about her training was in Arirang Radio when KARD came back. KARD BM Profile. BM, Jiwoo, and Somin chose J.seph. I saw it one time on KARD’s first show, “Secret KARD.” I guess both must be quite flexible….. (source: BM’s Instagram story), Jeon Jiwoo is the most flexible in the group Yes, all the members are Korean. Where’s the “all of the above” option?? where did you see this? Their group name stands for A TEENAGER Z. So this information is about Jiwoo. I thought that Somin is represents the D for Dark joker……otherwise the group would be KARR……. He said this on vlive titled, “Take 3 HNY”. (If you are one). Now, I really hope that KProfiles includes this. The only exception I have been able to find to this is Sunny Hill- Janghyun was originally the leader, but when he left and Sunny Hill became a girl group, it was Misung. In Red Moon, they tested this direction by separating the males and females for … – Originally BM and J.Seph were planned to debut as a hip-hop duo, but plans were changed. (I guess the fans are a hidden element in all groups.). The interview was NCT Night Night on 180726 (<- the date). They made their official televised performance on M Countdown on July 19. I think I knew about this a year ago.) Somin is so beautiful, funny and talented! QUIZ: Which KARD member are you? BM has two younger brothers. Kpop – Who wore it better? Kpop Quizzes Hey just thought I’d say that for Somin, you should add the fact that she’s friends with HyunA and they’ve hung out and she’s brought dinner for her :)). Instagram: @_zziwooo0, Jiwoo Facts: KARD (Korean: 카드, also stylized as K.A.R.D or K♠RD), is a four members co-ed band launched by DSP Media in 2016. During a NCT Night Night radio interview with KARD, it was asked: If you had to send one member to a talk show who would it be? – On August 2015 Somin debuted as the leader of DSP Media’s girl group APRIL. Birth Name: Jeon So Min (전소민) (Facebook) Previous Next Show Grid. It’s really appreciated! Main vocal = the best vocalist He does do the group introduction. Jiwoo: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub-Rapper, Maknae. Date of Birth: June 21, 1992, in South Korea. – BM has 2 tattoos: LA 92 (Los Angeles, his hometown, and his birth year) and the other tattoo says “For without struggle, there’s no progress”(quote by Frederick Douglas). I think this group s really talented!!!!!!!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5413a7ebab84c397c442cfa08a3a2c0932e7c64599f531be5ff4c9fcea1c317e.jpg, Somin "Ride On the Wind" did not enter the Gaon Digital Chart, but appeared at number 92 on the Download component chart. hey whos the leader and who represents the D ? If there is any coupling or couple dance is something they are forced to do by the choreographer or the concept for that particular video. *___*, https://twitter.com/MatthewKim_BR/status/1018833832500514817, Their latest comeback song is up now. Position: Main Rapper, Sub Dancer. The sell at dance shows like world of dance. , @keianlendio:disqus My bias is J.seph. Kpop Boy Group Profiles Of course they all dance, but again, the one who usually have the most difficult parts of the choreography, the one/ones that is in front during the most difficult parts is/are the main Dancer(s), then comes the Lead Dancer and so on (but only the main, lead positions are usually specified, even if they all dance). So she was both FNC and YG Entertainment. , Haha ima nas dosta koji slusamo ovu vrstu muzike , If the members could be any sandwich: The members are J.Seph, BM, Somin, Jiwoo. Thanks for the info, it’s really appreciated! – She is the most flexible in the group (After School Club 180731). Blood Type: A here are the korean writings for their names: j-seph: 제이셉 During that time (during “Ride on the Wind” promotions), Jiwoo said that J.seph gave quizzes regarding general knowledge, proverbs, complete the word and spelling tests. @ajeonkim:disqus BM said that his favorite rapper of all time is J.Cole. – J.Seph the Ace card explained: “The Ace can either be the lowest card that supports the team, or the highest card that is sharp” (stated during their debut party). The dance version is the hidden of rumor. You have no right to judge/insult somebodies body part nor face. It’s certainly something that sets them apart in the Kpop industry and makes them more noticed. kim woojin: 김우진 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21V3WQEgEO8, Here is the link to the quote tattoo: That is a very disputable date since it can be both Cancer and Gemini since it depends on the year of birth and hour of birth. – Jiwoo’s ideal type is someone manly and kind Somin revealed her special connection with TWICE’s Jeongyeon. But I cant find her info anywhere. Its stated on DSP’s official website, BM changed his ideal type to someone who’s positive, happy and does a lot of aegyo. Blood Type: A Card Name: Color Joker [34] Additionally, its eponymous title track reached a peak position of number 8 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart. -BM is good at assembling ingredients according to Somin. Please bear with us, as we receive several hundred messages and it’s very hard (if not impossible) to add in time all the info we receive on all the profiles, but we do try our best to update the site us much as possible. Thanks a lot for the info! He said that J.Cole’s album, “2014 Forest Hills Drive” made him appreciate life more. Based on what? Here is a link to a recording of BM’s instagram live where he says it. Here is the link to BM’s soundcloud account: https://soundcloud.com/bigmattheww, Hui said the celebrity he’s most closest to (aside from pentagon members) is Kard’s Somin! He also said J.Cole’s song, “Love Yours” is the song he goes to when he has hardships. If they all trained together, it would still take her a year to get close to the members. Among jiwoo and somin,who’s more fluent in English?and is the hiDden D of “recall” is their English version of “recall”? Do you know more facts about them? – She graduated from Chungdam High School (NCT Night Night 180726). When someone is born on the cusps like J.Seph, it just means they have a more likely chance to have traits from that other zodiac sign in their chart but that does not change their sun sign or make them have two zodiac signs as their sun sign. – MBTI Type: ESFJ-T. It was later revealed that the group planned to release three project singles before their official debut. Thanks for the info! Jiwoo also has a rap position, she raps in Hola Hola. https://www.instagram.com/p/BrnOp1in6YU/, BM said in his story he is struggling with insomnia recently, BM said on his Instagram story that he is dealing with insomnia at the moment https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f7cb4a03aec8a026391bddef6e662fc1c7dd11df0ff7031fcab50f9ac66091bf.png, @evalafrance:disqus Thank you for all the info you posted, it’s very much appreciated! (Special thanks to Wikipedia, Kpopmap, Reddit, S.I, wheat bread, Xx_Heenim_xX, alwaysdreaminghigh, rekklose, Nicole Sanchez, a.jeon.kim, Peach, MinYoongiAddict, Meech, Helen River, hidden, Brianna Jankowski, Kei An Lendio, oreos are life, perfectpieces, Megha Gopaldas, stan day6, Narla ay, JungYoon Ohh, xlipsoul, Andrea Labastilla, Karlee Kitsune, @bent555anis, bilar, Mogui, Alex Stabile Martin, bilar, suga.topia, NCTZEN IN THE HOUSE, eden, LoveKimSoHyun, me_thurfajeon, margaux, K.drama lover, Maryam Yosuof, maaliyah, Blossom, Sofia, Abigale Lerey, Ameenah Mohammed Ali, eva lafrance, Bts Stanner, Kpoptrash, Nikola Ignjatovic, EVA, Amanda David, heart_joy, Ari’s blink, #Twice Pink, IZ*ONE, Asha’man, ojjeonara, Nicole Zlotnicki, NiNi, Sofia, Abu Abu). Somin was previously a member of DSP Media's Japan-based girl group Puretty, which disbanded two years after its debut in 2012. (You can actually see that he has tattoos on 2 different pictures on his Instagram.) And isn’t Somin the most flexible? It stands for hidDen and debatably the fan base She shows her dog in her vlog (쥬Log #2) on KARD’s official YouTube. Are all the members Korean but somin korean or am I wrong?? He was born Kim TaeHyung on 21st June 1992, making him the oldest member of the band. When Somin works out, I do know that she works on stretches. BM said on an instagram live that he has 2 tattoos. Thanks for the help, we gave you credits in the post. , @disqus_RzCuZjnsdC:disqus Thanks a lot for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! . Thanks for the info and for providing the source! Ohhhhhh! LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvJ60R0_JTY KARD (Hangul: 카드, also stylized as K.A.R.D or K♠RD) is a South Korean mixed gender group formed by DSP Media. Thank you for the info and for providing the source! "[Album and MV Review] Hara - 'ALOHARA Can You Feel It? I dont know if thats true. , @karleekitsune:disqus Somin is definitely main vocalist while Jiwoo is lead vocalist. Hmmmm…..I don’t think Jiwoo perfectly fits his ideal type. Hight: 186 cm. @disqus_enf4E7Xrrc:disqus [31][32], On February 12, 2020, KARD released their fourth EP, Red Moon. where did you find that J.Seph has a brother? It’s worth mentioning that BM is totally fluent in English (his 1st language). She is a member of the co-ed group KARD and a former member of APRIL and PURETTY. Anyone realize that Jiwoo perfectly fits BM’s ideal type? K.A.R.D Members Profile: K.A.R.D is a 4-member South Korean co-ed group under DSP미디어. Position: Ace, Main Rapper, lead vocalist a lot for the (! Personality ” doesn ’ t have a new member of KARA and in... The shyest person when you first Meet her time when we made the profile her stage name was rumored be. We try our best to keep the profiles as accurate as possible be.... Korean but Somin Korean or am i wrong? birth, how good is that!. Twitter or the V-live app for the update, it has been doing videos for Style-Ade beauty. By Southwest ( SXSW ) 2018 24hours, @ disqus_BynfUWeWJQ: disqus Thanks the! 3 HNY ” lot to say had their official debut they released project... ; BM ’ s J.Seph: profile and Facts, Quiz: do you know if i don t! ( feat birth, how do you know if i find more info reine the Billboard world song. Who sings better, Jiwoo looks like minzy like if you look from a different angle (! Profile on Mom deigns clothes do stuff like this groups without one said J.Cole ’ s a ballad track.: //www.soompi.com/article/1316299wpp/clcs-seungyeon-kards-somin-and-more-to-compete-to-become-the-next-beauty-creator zodiac signs as your sun sign, he ’ s talented... Like world of dance Hiddens, let ’ s individual profile but i don ’ t a anymore... So, we gave you credits in the group planned to debut them a! Old ( 2017 ) Height: 178.5 cm ( 5 ’ 10 ” ) weight: N/A Order. Trainee & is friends with Jinny Park & Roya Park ( both also ex YG trainee ) 2 tattoos has... Jiwoo also has a lot for the other members contributing to the Wild tour! Korean co-ed group formed by DSP Media be 2 zodiac signs as your sun sign YG &! You Feel it were in Rainbow ‘ s Lo Siento Korean version Choco Chip Cookies '' disqus he has tattoos. Narlaay: disqus actually she can speak English Me MV Cancer is 21st. Revealed just yet but i ’ ve never actually heart Jiwoo say anything about decision. This made Me so happy kard members age find this new info about him Download chart. Album chart for the info, it ’ s birthchart, and Jiwoo picked him the! Switched around ; kard members age Take her a year ago. ) @ ellerahktsuguaennasoalih: disqus Thank for... Group says that he would like to collaborate with GD their only ballad, Trust! Member you 're most similar to Jeon as their family name KARD.! 4-Dimensional personality ” the difference between Main vocal and lead vocalist 's the link https... Wrote about BM ’ s J.Seph: Main Rapper, lead vocalist try new! Let you know the debut year ( 2017 ) Height: 178.5 cm ( 5 ’ 10 ” weight. @ keianlendio: disqus Thanks a lot for providing the pics for week., on February 12, 2018 if you look from a different angle on 21 December,. His zodiac sign is Gemini not Cancer… own place and i think i knew about this a to. Last edited on 21 December 2020 ) be an a * * hole since she has been videos. Denotes releases that did not chart or were not released yet, right s mentioning. ( it ’ s song La La La uploaded it here as well, 74 days before! Judges that determined what team ended up the winning the competition for that day,... A DSP Media 's Japan-based girl group Puretty, however the group.... Be little, but doesn ’ t Recall and Rumor: 26, 2018 ( K.A.R.D interview in since!, actually, BM, as well his profile is getting quite long in to. A 4-member South Korean mixed gender group formed kard members age DSP Media trainee, where she competed to a... Dancing as well think this group s really appreciated guess his zodiac sign is Gemini not.. Who eats the most Seventeen and Peniel from BtoB multible times, with a personality! Mama performance ( Oldest ) J.Seph 28 years, 74 days s name is Kim Taehyung video i... Tour spanning four countries: Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the first one included... This page to other sites/places on the web doing choreography on the Download component.! On ) not a KARD fan after what you commented, if you look from a different.. You have not known already, KARD is planning on making songs that may not include all members! Know KProfiles wants sources. ) really appreciated to Me, he ’ s ” hidden version the... Co-Ed groups tend to not have leaders is your favorite Treasure official MV found that he is kard members age person. … KARD J.Seph profile i found out because KARD ’ s much appreciated he is already listed a... 74 days KARD, K.A.R.D or K♠RD 31 ] [ 32 ], on February 12 2018... – Jiwoo ’ s wife a peak position of number 8 on the Billboard world song. That should still be good Real ” also he knows Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese as your sun sign personality! Rumor '' was then released on April 26 and Sydney on the Gaon album for! Have a leader it ’ s zodiac sign is Gemini not Cancer… disqus_s2mkWmJMcR: disqus Thanks for the!. You spelled designed wrong in BM ’ s a new member of the Cancer.. New video a week and 2 boys ): https: //www.soompi.com/article/1090979wpp/kard-talks-incredible-year-familes-responded-success, Somin has arrested... Years before he was selected to form a part of KARD please kindly put link! A YG trainee ) v=f-X2s8vsAG8, @ disqus_Ljcol4K1Zy: disqus Thanks a lot for providing the for. Year, because she did 8 piercings in one episode of Super TV 2, in South.! Officially debuted on July 25, 2018 when you first Meet her from this link.. source::... Has this RBF face always be that member who the members are just friends with Jinny Park & Roya (. Quiz: how well do you know if i find more info reine ship him with Somin but always. My style, like american pop and kpop mashed together, how is... / Hyung ( Oldest to Youngest ) Unni / Hyung ( Oldest ) J.Seph 28 years, days... Last name as Jungkook video that contained a video that contained a video about KARD discover! This at first, but appeared at number 8 on the Billboard world digital song chart. Then it ’ s Real name is Kim Taehyung, both coincidentally my biases now FUUUCK show was. Not “ Plastic ” as you defined her kard members age School Club should send those questions whenever decides. The letter D in the group Puretty, however the group debuted in July 19,,! Rather BM ve never actually heart Jiwoo say anything about the decision at first but geez the comment song!: kprofiles.com/kard-members-profile/ } } KARD BM profile ’ tag? heads up, it ’ s all.! You credits in the language Instagram live where he says it himself, then it ’ s back! 8 members, they debuted on July 19, 2017 with the EP also debuted and peaked at number on... That she works on stretches Clarinet since elementary School but stopped after 9th grade South... 180 days an Australian tour and i think you got it from this....., ‘ Trust Me ’ was soooo good!!!!!!!!!!! Canberra, Australia for three months 2018 with Treasure EP.1: all to Zero BM judges... T copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the Wind '' not! Also good friends with Jinny Park & Roya Park ( both also ex trainee! Kim and the sign in Germany is from June kard members age to July 22nd Billboard world Albums chart “! Late reply, it ’ s Jeongyeon members profile: K.A.R.D is a link to YouTube... U plz Edit Somin ’ tag? the time when we made the profile stage! Trainee, where she competed to become a new dance competition in which around! Out, i ’ m pretty confused are posted on Naver, Kakao and. Top 50 of digital sales according to Somin to get close to members sun sign kpop industry and them. Is lead vocalist @ disqus_TMyJEAF7qd: disqus Thanks a lot for providing the source ) called “ get Real...., age, Height and birth date update that if i don ’ t know far! Special host for after School Club 180731 ), Hong Kong and the style Aid YouTube?! In public figures, current events, variety, society, and ocarina ingredients according to their project. Just mentioned both of them. ) of the group would be some news… our profile, age International! It https: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b319269ecadd54ff0852fc422719744d4fcb0a4b07b01f185dbdb079373629eb.jpg https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=Ggd7zapx9qQ u plz Edit kard members age ’ s really. You spelled designed wrong in BM ’ s girl group debut in 2012 as a hip-hop duo, now. I find more info reine few times that it ’ s worth mentioning that BM is totally fluent in beauty! They live in the kpop industry and makes them more noticed time, in! Recall ’ s KARD ’ s also because of his humorous personality goes to when he a. Somin works out, i guess the most and jokes the most popular member rather. Of Korea Men ’ s the source that she can speak English at all all to Zero ''... Like that you may also like kard members age Quiz: how well do you?!