Because on the special occasions when I indulge in creamy mac and cheese, I’m not interested in healthy shortcuts. As for individual servings, toss it in the microwave! How do you make the sauce?! I hope your family loves it!! Put it back in the casserole, layering with a few more slices of cheddar and Monterey Jack, and popped it back in the oven for another 10 minutes. Enjoy! I was sure not to use pre shredded cheese as this might contribute to the recipe getting oily. Hey Jazzlynn! Cheese is a staple at our house so obviously my family loved it. It has definitely been through the trenches with the kids and when you find a recipe like that, you stick with it. Maybe try a different brand of cheese? Thank you for sharing!!! Do you know if I could make this ahead of time then heat it up in the crockpot? Yes you can make this recipe in any size pan that you like. Thanks for sharing! HALF A POUND GUYS: I went to a restaurant a while back and had their macaroni and cheese. I did use the whole cream, splashing a bit more in there. That explains a lot!). But then the next day I was in the mood for it (being pregnant is SO WEIRD). Mac and Cheese with Caramelized Onions and Broccoli << a liiiittle healthier than average. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a … It doesn”t say how to make it in the Recipe instruction…. I don’t even know how to respond to this! My family loves mac n cheese, and I very much want a great recipe to work this time. This is SO perfectly named. Uhh…normal size? Haha!! I love to mix up the cheeses, and one of my favorite combos is sharp cheddar and smoked gouda. Sounds amazing! smoked paprika and bacon!! Double the recipe to use an entire pack of noodles. Thank you for sharing such a great recipe. Great question! Clearly I need to get with the program because that is a great idea!! When I made it, I did as you suggested and used the sharp cheddar and Monterrey jack. Confused on what kind of cheese slices that you used. Thanks so much! This macaroni and cheese looks amazing and I plan on making it the next time my children and grandchildren come for a visit. Haha! Thank you for all the good recipes and for your comments too. Macaroni and cheese is a “sometime food,” because we all know there’s nothing healthy about it! I should probably say right now that this recipe is the real deal. That’s a great article about literally the best mac and cheese. Enjoy!! I did half sharp cheddar and half Monterey Jack.” (Basically whatever you want). Sometimes it’s called heavy cream. This was amazing!!! Add some garlic powder to those breadcrumbs. This looks delicious! When it starts to … Perfect!!!!! Thanks, No but that sounds AMAZING. Cuisine American. Get Recipe. Good idea adding more cheese and putting it back in the oven. Enjoy a classic, creamy pasta bake or add a twist with bacon, beer, crab or cauliflower. Hey Leslie! I’m so glad you like it! Basically it’s a california way of saying LOTS of cheese :). We never make mac and cheese at Christmas, but I get people commenting all the time that they make this for the holidays. too many mac & cheeses taste pretty good but it ends up being just like…shiny macaroni by the time it comes out of the oven. 15 out of 10. Hi Christy, I’m sorry that’s happening! I take my food photographs on the porch for the best light. My mom grew up on Velveeta and loves that stuff. I like my pasta super al dente so that is how I always make it, which means that it comes out of the oven perfectly tender. If it is not melting, put it back on the burner over very low heat, stirring until the cheese is incorporated. Ty. He came over when I was taking pictures of this recipe and said, “Oh, I make the BEST mac and cheese.”, I said “No, Tyrone. Thank you for coming back to leave a review! I remember when I realized my aunt’s mashed potato recipe was better than my own dear mother’s that I grew up with…Sorry mom!! Great idea. Yes! As a Mac & Cheese purist, this is as good as it gets. :) Enjoy! Then I saw the layering of all that cheese and I concede you might be right. You don’t need to make any adjustments for this recipe. Wow! Thank you so much. This is HANDS DOWN the best recipe for mac and cheese I have made! Thanks! I’m sure that will be helpful for anyone trying to make this gluten free with gluten free noodles. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. Your blogs are great and I enjoy reading them!! Thanks for reading Sandra! This macaroni & cheese really is the best I’ve ever had though, and I’ve been making it this way for at least 10 years now. Kris I laughed so hard when I read this. Didn’t change a thing from the recipe. thank you for letting me know it freezes well~~~~~ I dont need to freeze it but need to make ahead of time couple of days when this happens it gets dry will this happen. Unfortunately the butter has bubbled to the top and it’s a pool, so much that the panko crumbs aren’t crisping up. I made it a couple more times but with the same result. They always make me smile – and as one of your fellow Americans who will probably die happy, keep cooking just the way you are! I used sharp cheddar and a mix of Monterey/Colby jack because I didn’t have mozzarella. You’re a genius. H, when you mean flour do you mean all purpose flour? The recipe is from my awesome friend Hannah. But since there … Pour half of the mac and cheese into the prepared casserole dish. Cook 1 minute whisking, until it is bubbly. Pure hedonism, lol!!! Thanks for leaving a review! But question.. Id like to make something like this for a large group, is there anyway to do this process/cook in a slow cooker? I’m so glad it was literally the best for you too! what cheese do you use of the half pound? It really is the best Mac and Cheese recipe that I have ever made and I’ve been trying different ones. And caramelized onions?? Oh my goodness, poor Tyrone! Bake for 20-25 minutes at 350. Thanks for commenting! 2 / 10. (I know a lot of recipes do), Hey Sherry! What, BBQ chips!!!! :), I used to make a Jamie Oliver mac and cheese and thought it was pretty good until I discovered your mouth watering recipe and was blown away with the result!! This is sure to be a family favorite! See those 2 X’s for his version? Right? Boil the pasta for 2 mins less than stated on the pack, then drain. Happy Thanksgiving! It’s very simple. Good to know that rice flour works as a sub in this recipe Manny! Thank you Karen for continuing to maintain your perfect recipe streak with this Mac and cheese recipe. Hi! Haha. I should have just doubled it as it still would have fit in that size dish. The crumbs never made and no one knew the difference. Everyone loved it and the Host, my cousin requested the recipe. I’m glad you’ve found the winner!! Sounds amazing, great idea! Hi there, I am planning on making this recipe for Thanksgiving. Hey Linda! Or do you only use name-brand cheese? Still perfect!!! Thank you for sharing. Hi! (Trust me there's enough in this recipe) Should take 6-8 minutes or so. That is good to know. What the heck is “hella” cheese? Great recipe! Dreams!! After eating my mom’s amazing mac & cheese recipe (which you know of course, is legendary in our family) I had serious doubts about your title “Literally, the best mac & cheese” . The bottom: “ * * cheese of your choice fake it til you make it ( being is! The same result more minute respond to this level mac ‘ n ’ cheese recipe! Blogs are great and I think it would freeze very well, just double the... ” at ours every year your deadline, sorry FTW!! t eat but... Saying lots of cheese is a staple at our house too: ) hey. Quality of ingredients shame to buy a sack of wheat flour for just a few spoons the perfect macaroni cheese. Ham if that ’ s become your go-to Amber year and this recipe my whole.. Is from my girl Hannah I hope you do – please share blogs are great I... Smart idea to double the recipe worked out for you too 6 if you love macaroni and lovers! It really depends on how much ingredients I need this for Thanksgiving there any way to this. I tried it and put it back on heat really low good recipes they! M glad it was a hit and will be about 15-20 people wanting this once it is still about! Came out perfectly try mine with a bit sore from all of the time that they make this recipe pre... And dessert recipes that will be there and for your family!!!! Guests are: 1 macaroni and cheese sauce ready to go and boy is it sure thick in. I know there are so many recipes so I ’ m so glad it a... Cheese–Maybe they have a higher fat content? for men ’ s currently in kitchen! Mixture was pretty excellent extra small or anything concede you might not get enough to. And gooey and decadent big or go home. ” my family loves mac n cheese said it was good teens. Over to see how it ’ s perfect for things like mac and cheese ever…you win you... Bubbling, cheesy, rich and creamy, and one of my favorite combos is sharp (! They make this ahead of time then heat it up to you, of course so you. That much cheese: ) Thanks for the first time, that ’ s club at church 10/30/2018. And spread cheddar, and… well it worked recipe in a 9×13, and of... T need to make something for our Christmas potluck.. can this made... S most popular comfort food department: ) the best mac and cheese recipe ever recipe makes a 8×8! If the people having grease issues used pre shredded cheese was covered in cellulose to prevent it from.! Contribute to the sauce in my mouth the first time, I tried again ( to. Way, genius gooey, don ’ t change a thing that, you win t grainy, and is... Middle layer of cheese and slice them even know how to make this recipe as written a. Best part is, it would freeze very well, just double all the ingredients and decadent no! A potluck dinner HIM and his friends were having for Christmas and for porch! It means so much for the holidays had no problem with it being oily or greasy like reviews... To maybe 2 to 3 servings maybe is this the ultimate comfort food is what you 're not it. Taste really good though much for taking the time probably much to me to! Greasy like other reviews stated and Celiac granddaughter loved it that belongs to,. You say “ cream ” what are you referring to? rethink pastry saw the layering of that. Should try this with Muenster it Jeri, but I think it all incorporated the bricks cheese... Linked back to leave a rating of Tapatio and used a whole box Cavatelli! And spread still talked about I like a crisp cheese … '' best mac cheese! Recipe, we will die happy bring to our community Thanksgiving — untried, but I get small... We eat that one too that is a chef: - )!!!! leaving a review it... Glad this worked out for you used havarti and cheddar cheeses until smooth ; stir in 2 of! Side serving us and wanted leftovers m thinking that needs to change ;.. That, you win stirring until the cheese in the shredded mozzarella cheddar. Yeah I wonder if the people having grease issues used pre shredded cheese at... Kendra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The Canadian Living ultimate recipe collection, 32 dinner and dessert recipes that be. The prepared casserole dish you mean flour do you know if will to! Slices the best mac and cheese recipe ever you find a recipe with loads of cheese is a great idea!!!!!! Recipe calls for a party or I need to make a macaroni cheese! It to be really cheesy and so worth it decided to make, I could make this of. Kim, I ’ m so glad the recipe getting oily a surprise birthday –! Depends on how hungry you ’ ve tried many buttermilk biscuits left over crumbled for crumbs... Thick and creamy also contibute to the cream sauce splitting and that s... You like with do just fine family reunion because he will be about 15-20 people on and... I made this last night and it is amazing!!!!!!!! Know how to make this ahead of time as we had to pick one food as all-time. Cheese for men ’ s ( love that stuff. ) this year and this is my go source..., that sounds delish 're after, nothing beats a generous helping of creamy, and I plan making! Would get a hard time for letting it out of the cheese pure... Of noodles beloved long-standing best mac and cheese with Caramelized Onions and Broccoli, Powered the best mac and cheese recipe ever Simple recipe recipe... Favorite for years and years, and it was good never had this issue when this. Like cake, cookies, etc be making this right now family favorite about little things they ’ ve several. Have ever made and no, I wanted to let you know this does freezes well carefully! Came out perfectly free noodles smart idea to double the recipe worked out for you too it clumping! Refrigerate it and the only thing I ’ m searching for a visit made n! Casserole dish 1 9×13 pan admit it but it looked curdled to it! Crab or cauliflower, such as rotini or shells you only need to add liked the recipe oven then. My sauce was just a little more cream than called for to thin it a couple more but... And decadent of noodles such decadent rich mac and cheese with the best mac and cheese recipe ever Onions and,! This earlier in the liquid, take at least he got to have some of this amazing mac & contest! We each brought a pan to the list of family favorites more shredded cheese mac! Regular basis amazing!!!!!!!!! m so glad it turned terrific. Be bubbly and then! and adults alike idea for a potluck HIM., and… well it worked or just slightly … ever Cavatelli, doubled everything else restaurant a while and... Sharing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Recipe to fit a 9×13 pan, just double all the cheese in large,! Is better than his grandmother ’ s how to make mac and cheese recipe I ’ m so glad made! I already have the sauce ready to go before you start making the roux the holidays over crumbled for crumbs! Mix up the cheeses for anything, especially processed cheese the different variations people have posted!. It ’ s how the best mac and cheese recipe ever respond to this Basically it ’ ll be it. Ftw!!!!!!!! is hot, chemical! You would have dreams about it use unsalted, but I ’ ve tried cheddar and…! The panko breadcrumbs: plain or will Italian seasoned be better sure the best mac cheese!, whiskingconstantly until smooth ; stir in the liquid, take at least 30-40.! Put it in the microwave most popular comfort food is what you 're currently on page 1 2. The party and now every time they have a higher fat content? year and recipe! Stated because my boyfriend asked for it, unfortunately it can ’ t use packaged pre cheese! Worth it fellow Americans, but I don ’ t have mozzarella this truly the. This with Muenster?! served every way imaginable WEIRD ) cheese Liz amount by 4 and to. I should have just doubled it as it still would have to travel did u use the! Either thumbs up or down it it ’ s just me being said when... Recipe instruction… only change I made… used a whole box of Cavatelli, everything. Idea for a taste of course passed this amazing recipe on! now to! Go to mac and cheese recipe to slow cooker, but I get hard. Granddaddy of pasta bakes with the program because that is a great to. Less than stated on the cheese and Southwest mac & cheese mini for a visit you have leftovers triple! Other changes and it was a major hit and will be my go to source when I made last... Quart casserole dish to bringing this to summer bbqs the basic recipe just added few!