Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Class of 2019 admission by Fairfax County Public Schools middle school: School, location Admitted Students. TJHSST Admissions Statistics for Class of … For the third year in a row, Rachel Carson Middle School in Herndon sent more students to TJ than any other middle school. Please note: In order to reach the second round, students must show BOTH a GPA and a total score on the TJ admissions test that meet the sliding scale criteria, AND have scored at least 30 on the quantitative (math) part of the TJ test.. The average high school GPA listed for each campus is computed from 10th and 11th grade coursework, including up to eight honors courses. Admissions statistics for the Class of 2024 ... Middle 50% score range of admitted students (25th and 75th percentiles) Test Range; SAT Math [790, 800] SAT ERW [730, 780] ACT Math [35, 36] ACT Reading [34, 36] ACT English [35, 36] ACT Science Attendance. ### Note: For more information, contact the TJHSST Admissions Office at 571-423-3770. TJ Partnership Fund ... Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology 6560 Braddock Rd Alexandria VA 22312 Main Office. 703-750-8300. GPA is defined as a student's grade point average in the "a-g" subjects. TJ, as it's called, has been ranked the No.1 public high school in America by Newsweek (in 2014) and U.S. News and World Report (from 2007-2013). The district had long identified middle-school Algebra as a “gatekeeper course for students on the road to advanced programs in high school.” In a 2002 internal review of TJ Admissions, FCPS found that black and Hispanic students accounted for almost one-quarter of students but fewer than 10 percent of 8th grade Algebra I students. These GPAs are drawn from application data at the system-wide admissions office. Step 3 -- Submit Essay and Information Sheet. 8:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. Academics Learn about our academic program. As always, a summer round of admissions for eighth graders newly moved to a participating district after September 30 of the previous year will add to the 490 offers at the end of June. For Middle School Students Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) is committed to engaging middle school students in academic enrichment outside the classroom and hands-on, fun activities that encourage a team-based approach in the discovery process. Admissions by Middle School. 1 public high school in the nation but has struggled for decades to admit Black and Hispanic students, accepting just a handful each year. Admission Learn about applying to TJHSST. Applicants are rankled according to a combination of their overall score on the multiple TJ admissions test and their middle school GPA on a sliding scale; the higher the GPA, the lower the minimally required test score is. This year 2,900 students applied for admission to Thomas Jefferson High School For Science and Technology, 487 students were accepted for the class of 2018. Thomas Jefferson, known as TJ, is often ranked the No.